Friday, February 24, 2012

The English Country Bonnet

Dear Friends,

We are excited to report that we were able to go back to the antique mall (mentioned in the previous post), and purchase the beautiful bonnet that captured our hearts!

This is the description on the tag: "c. 1880 or before- Tiny cotton print daytime English Country Bonnet. This perfect bonnet was probably bought from a milliner, because it is machine made, and the English middle class would probably not have a machine. No holes or stains. From my textile collection and price a lot less than I paid (great buy!). Bought at an 'invitation only' textile show at the American Museum in Bath, England."

We had hoped to use the bonnet as a pattern for future headgear, but we honestly cannot figure out how they put it together so perfectly! The cording is perfect, the ruffles are perfect, and we are in awe that we have such a sweet little piece of history to pass down in our own family.

We also found this well-worn quilt (which we think may be from the 1800s) at the thrift store,
 and this sweet little crocheted "Sunbonnet Sue" chatelaine was from our other favorite antique mall. :)

Now we think we'll stay out of the stores for a while, so we can catch up on our mending (using our new chatelaine, of course)!

Love and blessings,



Enchanted Quilts

By Josephine Gardner Moench

How I love to go vis'ting at Grandmother's house
When she's taking a quilt from the frame;
And stay while she binds it and folds it with care
And gives it a quaint charming name.

If she isn't too tired, she shows me the ones
She has made and is storing away
In the big cedar chest in the spare room upstairs
For her gran'daughters' wedding day.

The Hollyhock Wreath is for Mary Louise;
While spreading it out to display
She tells of the time in the long, long ago,
She made hollyhock dolls so gay.

Grandmother's Fan is for Jeanne Marie;
How thrilled we all are with a story
Of the days when her thoughts were of beautiful gowns,
And dancing the height of her glory.

My Log Cabin quilt is the best of them all,
Made of pieces of Grandmother's dresses;
In fancy I picture her wearing each one
With all the loved charm she possesses.


  1. I'm so happy that you were able to buy your bonnet, Marqueta. What a treasure! Isn't it miraculous that it survived all these years? It has certainly found a home that will appreciate it. You rarely find such old textiles anymore. Maybe some day you'll have a collection like Tasha's!

  2. Hi Marqueta,
    All your purchases are gorgeous! I, too, love those sun - bonnets. I think you should to wear one in normal everyday life, they are so charming :)
    I cannot for the life of me decide who looks the sweeter in it: you or your little one!
    Wear it and be proud!
    xxx H

  3. That is the most beautiful bonnet!!!!!

  4. I clicked over here to say that I'm so happy you were able to buy that bonnet (and then I saw Jane had already written that! ha)...but I will now say, I agree...and I was also going to say it has a well-deserved home at your ownership! The other finds are really neat too...I can imagine the coziness the quilt has brought to its owner when it was first made! Maybe you will be starting a little museum someday! love,andrea

  5. Congratulations...your bonnet is so beautiful,you must be very proud to own it.If you don't mind,could you pay me a visit at my blog? I posted a picture of a weed in my yard and need some information on it...I know you are very wise about such things. I am trying to learn a bit about foraging. Blessings to you all.

  6. The vintage things are wonderful, aren't they?? I always wonder how it was to live back they thought...

    Please visit me at:


  7. Wow the bonnet is stunning!! Enjoy your new treasure and I love that quilt!! ~Looks like you are enjoying some sunshine ~Spring is on her way!! ~Love Heather

  8. Ooooo Marqueta!!!
    What an exciting piece of history
    from a far away place that found it's way to you who will care for it lovingly! ;-D

    Love Blessings and hugs, Linnie

  9. Beautiful bonnet!!
    It reminds me of Laura Ingalls and Tasha Tudor.

  10. Beautiful bonnet!!
    It reminds me of Laura Ingalls and Tasha Tudor.

  11. Oh how lovely...the bonnet and the quilt - a piece of history so well loved.

    con mucho carino,


  12. Oh my what a bonnet. Very Tasha glam!! Clarice

  13. I love hats, bonnets and all the etc's...I wish they were more in style, well I guess we could start a new trend? :)

  14. Dearest Marqueta,

    That bonnet is lovely as is, but you and your sweet girl make it truly beautiful! What a find! You would have a time with my mother if you could visit her sewing room and see her bonnets. She would know what you speak of with the ruffles, cording, etc., as she has pored over many an antique pattern wondering the same thing: how in the world did they do it!

    Hope your day is wonderful!


  15. OH yay! I am so glad you were able to buy the bonnet! It's so pretty!!!!!!!!! Lots of love from Utah!

  16. What a darling bonnet. I've not seen one as ruffly. It is a wonderful "find."
    I used to dress my little girls in calico sun bonnets (from a museum store) when they played outside in the back yard in Tennessee. Sun screen in those days was harsh. They didn't know bonnets were not a normal thing.
    Karen A.

  17. That bonnet is a pure treasure.What a lovely "adopted heirloom" for the girls. There used to be a little old woman who lived nearby. She looked as fragile as a wisp, old as Methuselah and wore little cotton dresses and a big bonnet,much like yours (but not so fine) The funny thing is that the only time I would ever see her, she was sitting atop a rider mower, cutting her grass! It seemed such an anachronism. Seeing your bonnet made me think of her.


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