Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Visit to the Antique Mall

Dear Friends,

Last week we decided to go into the antique mall located right across from our favorite thrift store. It was such a delightful place, we wish that we had gone in sooner! Instead of being accosted by the scent of 100 different perfumes, we were instead greeted with the gentle mustiness that says, "Grandmother's House."

We brought Mr. Graham along so we could point out things we like (our birthday IS coming up, after all, along with Valentine's Day!).

There were so many sweet old things that have borne the passage of time~

Things once used and loved, and then passed along~

Even the little boy in the funny hat was intrigued by the wide array of items!

We literally could have stayed all day, savoring the spirit of Days Gone by,
and imagining how big of a home we would have to have to put all of the things we like. . .

. . . Like this cabinet, whose drawers would be perfect for a nature collection,

. . .And this library card catalog, which would be fun to use to organize our books,

. . .And this sweet nine-patch quilt,

. . .And this desk that was made in the 1770s (Wouldn't it be fun to have a Colonial Corner, complete with a painting of the singing of the Declaration of Independence?),

. . . But some members of the party were not as enthusiastic at the prospect as the lady in the big blue coat!

So we picked out the sweetest post card we could find (along with a copy of "The Harvesters" by Gene Stratton Porter, and a biography of Queen Victoria), and promised the clerks running the mall that we would be back soon.

We hope you enjoyed walking along with us and sharing in our dreams. Little by little, we will collect all the bits and pieces that will add up to a real "Grandmother's House" someday!




  1. Hope you found something wonderful for Mr. Grahame to gift you with, Marqueta! Your postcard is so pretty! Had to laugh about some of the children not being so enthused about the antique mall. Used to tell the boys we were going on an adventure when I wanted to visit one. Didn't take them long to catch on that "adventure" meant "antique store"! I'm hoping along with you that one day soon you'll have a nice "grandma's house" of your own!

  2. I love such places...you are right ..smells like Grandmothers house....such wonderful goodness to be had...Blessings to all

  3. Oh lovely!! Thanks for taking us with you Love Heather

  4. Isn't this marvelous? I love the post card! As a child, I loved loved loved searching the antique stores. When I was eight years old, I bought two creeping babies and Mother bought one for the vrazy price of $5 each. They are in my Grandmother's pine cabinet that now lives in my living room.

    I hope the Mister surprises you nicely!

  5. Those antique stores are my favourite places to be in the whole world. They have the unique ability to transport you to a lost and more genteel world. I'm sure a visit must be good for the soul. Fond belated birthday greetings to sweet Evangeline, how she grows!

  6. What a treasure trove, I would have spent ages there too!
    My own grandma's house (built by my Grandpa out of wood) is deep in my heart as a remembered haven of old-fashioned tranquillity. She had a slowly ticking clock, willow pattern china..and a comforting manner. She died when I was only six,but she left such a lasting feeling.
    To provide that for our own grandchildren one day would be so special. Its a good aim!
    Btw, is that the velvet bonnet you were making, Marqueta? xx

  7. What great fun pictures!!
    Thank you for taking us along!!
    What a fabulous writer's desk!
    and the library card catalog is very cool!
    Blessings hugs and Love , Linnie

  8. We did enjoy the thought of you browsing through all those old treasures. What fun!

    Thanks for giving us glimpses of your outing!

    And thank you for stopping by with a comment about the blue wintery posting....

  9. Oh, I love a good antique mall visit! I've found so many things for my home at places like this, from art to put on the walls to dishes to use every day in my kitchen. Its like a treasure hunt!

  10. Great find. I love shops like that. You never know what goodies you will find!! Clarice

  11. Dear Marqueta,

    What a fun place! Looks similar to a place not far from here. In fact, if I didn't know better...! Can you just imagine that chest with the drawers for nature! You are right, it would be perfect for a nature collection!



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