Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Days of Goldenrod and MorningGlory

 Dear Friends,

We've been busy lately, sprucing up Birdsong Cottage with a much-needed coat of paint (looks like we'll have to paint over some paw prints!), and putting in a fall garden. Our greens are just starting to sprout, and we're hoping to put in peas and carrots, as soon as the beds are ready.

The owner of the naughty paws~


This is the time of year when the goldenrod opens its beautiful yellow blossoms, which are soon covered by thousands of pollinators. The wild morning glory have decided to use the goldenrod as a living trellis, and the color combination is quite stunning in the golden light of morning. Magic, indeed!

We love watching the dragonflies hum lazily around the garden, in search of tasty mosquitoes to munch on.

This variety, with its blue body and blue and black spotted wings is our favorite. 

We have also just finished reading aloud the biography of George Washington Carver, which our blog friend Daniel was nice enough to send us (Thank you, Daniel!). We could encourage all to learn more about this great man; we know we'll never eat peanut butter without much gratitude again! Now when we face a problem, we ask ourselves, "What would Dr. Carver do," since he had a gift for making magic out of the ordinary.

May you have a wonderful week, dear friends. Thank you for being part of our lives.



"How far you go in life depends on your being tender with the young, compassionate with the aged, sympathetic with the striving, and tolerant of the weak and the strong. Because someday in life you will have been all of these." ~George Washington Carver


  1. Goldenrod has yet to bloom here in the mountains...but I know it will show its brilliance pretty soon! :)

    What a lovely shade of blue you are painting your deck...


  2. Love the pretty blue paint and the yellow golden rod...looks like a good backdrop for a painting ~Enjoy the rest of your summer ~Love Heather

  3. You're welcome! George certainly was an amazing man, who, as you say, seemed to be capable of taking any situation, and coming up with displays of dazzling genious, determination, and utter character! Did you get the other things I sent, as well?

    Getting mentioned on your blog, and knowing that you have finally read through that book, even out loud - makes for a pretty satisfying day, I must say!

  4. Also, you DO realize that you live in the same STATE as George's birthplace (Diamond, Missouri), right? If I remember correctly, they may have even made a museum out of that place. Either way, that is one place I would love to visit!

  5. That combination of morning glories and golden rod is perfectly beautiful, Marqueta! Don't know what it is with dogs and paint, ours always have paint on them after we finish up also. The quote by George Washington Carver is so dead on. Perfect!

  6. Oh I love the dragon fly photo! The golden rod and morning glory are so pretty. And the color of paint is so nice!!

    I am happy to announce that we have sweet potatoes!!!!! It's my first time ever growing them, and I am so happy for my sweet little harvest:) And blessed to share some with the neighbor too.

    I've read a little about George Carter, but now am inspired to read more about him.

    Blessings and Love, Deanna

  7. I love the colors in your photos. I love to visit your site--I can feel the calmness from here! Just got your latest missive, and will be replying when it is quieter at my house...wait a minute--that could take a while!

  8. sounds like you're having a lovely time at your cottage! I havent seen the goldenrod around here yet, but I know it will come soon!


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