Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Happy Birthday, Tasha Tudor

Dear Friends,

Today is Tasha Tudor's birthday; a day that always gives an excuse to slow down, look around, and see how blessed we are to have the simple life that we do. We celebrated Tasha's birthday by watching "Take Joy," the documentary on her beautiful life, and when it cools off we'll have a little tea party with our dolls.

We've been reading from "Tasha Tudor's Garden" lately, and sighing over the amazing array of pastel perfection her garden contained. Although we don't have a place yet where we can put down roots, and we may never achieve such a grand floral display as hers, books like this fire our imagination and give us hope for the future of our dreams.

 Thank you, Miss Tudor, for daring to live your dream, and for daring us to do the same!



 "Gardening and goats milk is what keeps me going." ~Tasha Tudor


  1. A doll's tea sounds like the perfect way to celebrate Tasha Tudor Day, Marqueta. She was so wonderfully authentic. The little ones look like they would be perfect models for one of her illustrations!

  2. Great minds think alike! Celebrating Tasha Tudor day with you! :)

  3. Happy Tasha Tudor day. I bet it was a wonderful day at your house xoxo Clarice

  4. Tasha did love her garden didn't she. I wish I had her energy. Happy TT Day.

  5. Hello my DEAR Friend Marqueta!
    I am on a visiting computer for we have had no internet for months now.
    Happy T.T. day to you too my Dear!
    I sure have missed being able to leave comments although I have checked in from time to time from my Grandiedaughter's cell phone when I can get a signal !! :-O
    I shall be in touch!!
    Much Love and Blessings Linnie

  6. I have the same book...I have always enjoyed reading about her.

  7. I love that quote..made me smile....so did those sweet pictures...blessings.

  8. Dear Marqueta,

    We know that you and your family had a wonderful tea party with all your dolls for Tasha Tudor's Birthday! We hope that you find the place of your dreams!

    So glad you stopped by our blog!

    Your friends,
    Diane and daughter Sarah at the Corgyncombe Courant

  9. A lovely tribute to our Tasha! I so enjoyed your post.

  10. Marqueta,
    Thank you for your visit, it is always lovely to hear from you:-) My your son is just adorable! A belated TT day to you.

  11. Marqueta, Have you ever thought of putting down roots in Tennessee? It is a lovely place to plant that pastel garden you dream about!


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