Wednesday, September 5, 2012

It's Fair Time Again!

 Dear Friends,

Come right up and buy your tickets to the year's most looked-forward to event in Dollton (where the Small Dolls live)!

Come see the pet show and horse race~

Take time to read some lovely hand-crafted books~

 And perhaps buy yourself a new apron or two!

The quilts are so beautiful this year~

~And the baked goods look positively scrumptious!

 Queen Hepburn is the hostess of the fair this year~

~And has her hands full keeping everyone in line!

This year the fair runs for two days, so there's still plenty of action for the dolls! We're glad that you could come along, and hope that you had a wonderful time, too.




  1. I did have a wonderful time indeed..with smiles and some lol...but I always have fun visiting you and your sweet brood Marqueta...blessings

  2. Oh my what a doll show. I think this is the best year yet!!! Clarice

  3. Oh what fun!!! LOL. It makes me smile just to think of that fair!!


  4. Anna and I had a good laugh at the freak show we wish we could have attended!! Anna said to tell the girls it was AWESOME!!! ~ I say Spectacular!! another year goes by and another fabulous fair ~Love Heather

  5. The dolls were impeccably behaved, it seems! It looks like the whole Coubnty turned out to this event!!
    Happy times...
    xxx Alex

  6. Okay, I couldn't help but LOL when I saw the freak show. Too funny! :) It looks like a wonderful fair to me. I LOVE dolls, so I certainly enjoyed my virtual visit. :)

  7. Cute! You are one creative family! love,andrea

  8. It was fun! I can't wait till next year! :) I love you, love Audrey

  9. Love Love Love your fair! The freak show was hilarious and I love the picture of the giant (little) puppy! :)

    I decided to close my blog. I'll write you a letter soon explaining the ins and outs. I'm doing okay. Just need to stop blogging for now.

    {{HUGS}} Gina

  10. What fun! Marqueta, you are one of the most creative and fun moms there ever was!

  11. Marqueta, you don't have to post this comment. Just wanted to let you know that rather than close up shop completely, I've changed it all around with a new title/address. I can not promise that I can always visit and comment but I will try. I've been struggling with PTSD lately and have been feeling badly that I have neglected my blog friends. I think by writing more down to earth (not as flowery cottage) will help. Anyway this blog may not always be so sweet. You can find me by clicking my name. Thanks for listening.

  12. How fabulous!
    Makes me feel like a kid again, lol!
    blessings..Trish xx

  13. Oh MY! I am still laughing at the wonderful little fair you have put together. I actually had to think for a moment before I realised that it was a DOLL fair!. I would love to have to ability to wander through the aisles and greet the dolls. Oh--and the STARING CONTEST! LOL!!!!!!!!!You always inspire me to greater creativity, my dear, and your children are having the most delightful childhood!

  14. Dear Marqueta,
    I love reading this.
    I rally must publish photos of the dolls fairs we have done in the past


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