Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Celebrating Learning, Rain, and Mr. Graham

Dear Friends,

In the pictures above, our cat Senora seems to be trying to keep as far away from those wet hens as possible! The hens may not have been excited, but we feel very blessed to have received three lovely, soaking rain showers which have greened everything up nicely. Even our little fall garden is starting to sprout, which always fills us with wonder and joy.

Our autumn clematis has been showing off the splendor of its highly-scented, fairy-like blossoms. It is quite entrancing in the evening, when the seem to glow with a light of their own!

We celebrated Mr. Graham's birthday recently, and you can see that he had a super time!

The older girls have been watching "Little House on the Prairie," and have opened their own LHOTP school, enacting different characters as the mood strikes. Sometimes Mrs. Oleson is the teacher, and sometimes Mrs. Garvey! I was even "forced" to bake apple pies for them, since we had bought some Jonathan apples, and Jonathan is Mr. Garvey's name. :)

Of course, all this rain has made some really fun puddles to play in, which feel so much better than crusty soil and dried-up leaves!

"Nobody else but the rose bush knows how good mud feels between the toes!"

September's cooler days always give us the urge to do some sewing, so we're getting out dress patterns and fabric that have been gathering dust, and pulling out piles of denim to be made into quilts. Now how in the world do we sew and get the housework done, too?

May you be blessed, dear friends, with health, joy, peace, and prosperity with the start of a new season.




  1. Can't wait to see the new sewing you will be getting done. (By-the-way, come see my new blog "Arise and Shine Forth" - I have a sewing join in where you can link your blog post of your sewing. :)

    It looks like you have been enjoying the cooler temperatures - and I LOVE the Little House ideas! We are enjoying a bit cooler temperatures - with some rain too, but it has made it unusually humid (so weird for Utah! lol)

    Anyway, happy birthday to your husband! Hope you all are doing well and give a hug to each from my girls and I.
    Emily Fay

  2. How do you sew and get housework done? When you come up with the answer,please let me know. After my housekeeping is done I am pretty much done too :) Glad you all got rain and cooler temps..I have been loving such as well,but still could use some more wet stuff. Blessings to all,and a belated Happy Birthday to Mr. Graham.

  3. Awwww, looks like great fun indeed! I would love to enroll in the LHOP School! If only I lived closer. It sounds like quite the school!

    Love you all!

    PS -- and Happy Birthday to Mr. Graham

  4. Answer: YOU sew and the children do the house work!! Many hands make light work y'know!....
    Only joking ~ that would hardly be fair. Why is it that Autumn makes us want to craft, knit, sew...? I feel exactly he same, is it a nesting instinct perhaps? or an ancient shared memory from long ago?
    Either way, it is fine by me and all part of the year's lovely gifts, like the rain.
    Happy Birthday Mr.G, by the way. I hope he survived the loving ~ on. :)

  5. Happy birthday Mr. Graham! May you have many,many more. Given the choice of sewing or housework, sewing wins every time. The house will just get dirty again. Lol! Nothing like a good splash in a mud puddle!

  6. Marqueta, what fun - a LHOP school! Anyone Miss Beetle? Thank goodness for cool September days!

  7. Your girls always look so pretty in their dresses. Little House has always been a favourite of mine and I think you are the perfect modern day family equivalent. Love to you all, Eli x

  8. well if you figure out how to sew and get the housework done to you let me know ok :) because I am trying to figure out the same thing hehehe I really want to make a dress this week but I have been having a hard time picking a pattern I want something I can wear now but layer up in the winter ~Happy Fall!! and enjoy your sewing ~Love Heather

  9. I love Walnut Grove school! And being the teacher is fun, sending Willie in the corner and all!!! :)

    I love you mama!


  10. How fun mud puddles are so fun to play in.

    Ashley has been sewing for 4H this weekend she'll make a blue and white satin christmas tree skirt. I have had the urge to sew too but have been putting it off when the weather gets cooler maybe. Its still so hot here.



  11. Hi Marqueta, perhaps you could sew in the evenings - but then you probably do anyway!
    I remember what mud feels like between toes - pretty good,lol!
    I love seeing your girls in their prairie style clothes :-)
    So sweet and pretty!
    Birthday greetings to your husband and blessings to you, my friend...Trish xx


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