Saturday, September 29, 2012

We Are Grateful

 Dear Friends,

As the weather cools, little by little, we are grateful for the little things that are still feeding us from the garden. Our fall garden is coming along nicely, and we hope to see some kale popping up in our hoop house, so we can have an overwintering crop of it. Gardening is always a surprise and a gamble.

This is the time of year when we are often surprised by visitors of various shapes and sizes, who are beautiful in their own right. We are always amazed by the variety of God's creation! 

Surely He enjoyed Himself when He created these~

 The mints that we grew in pots have thrived in the wet soil around our outdoor faucet, and we love to snack on them when playing or working in the yard. They also make a lovely addition to salads and pesto!

Rebecca has taken it on herself to rescue the stuffed bears that Kaffeen the dog likes to chew on (note the missing eye on the right)~

And we finally got around to finishing the quilt top that my grandmother started back in the 1950s! This was quite a wonderful feeling of accomplishment. Only one more star top to finish, and then the two that I inherited can finally be real quilts.

My great-grandmother's old button box has been put to good use as we've been mending clothing and sewing on buttons for new gowns (photos forthcoming), and we're also working on sewing the patches of a future quilt that we found at our favorite thrift store.

Evangeline found a little time to model our latest fascinator, as well as trying on the bonnet that we're trying to finish up by tomorrow. Don't you just love her freckled face?

Last but not least, our Cousin Hettie has arrived safe and sound in Liverpool, 1911 at our By a Lady blog!

Thank you, dear friends, for following along with our family adventures as we live our simple life. The internet has been a great blessing, in being able to meet all sorts of kindred spirits, from all over the world. Bless you all!




  1. Lovely post today Marqueta...yes,I love those sweet freckles :) Blessings

  2. You are truly enjoying the blessings of life! The quilt is so beautiful Marqueta! What a treasure to have it finished - and I love the colours. So pretty! The bonnets are of course lovely too, and my girls loved seeing them. Can't wait to see photos of the new dresses and all your sewing adventures!

    Love to you all! - Emily

  3. Marqueta,

    Is that a walking stick bug? I have seen them at the science center but never in "real life"! Very interesting.

    A blessed autumn Sunday to you!

  4. I do indeed, love those freckles! Such beautiful quilts to treasure. Today we picked the last of the peppers and eggplants. To be honest, I'll be a bit relieved when the gardens are put to bed for the year so I can get started on knitting Christmas presents.

  5. That is one beautiful quilt Marqueta, I can't believe how old it is. Such a treasure to have in your possession. Not sure I like the look of the funny insect, is it a stick insect. We don't have them wild here thank goodness. looking forward to seeing the dresses too. Hugs Dev x


  6. God has a great sense of humor, just look at that stick bug!
    I can't think of a more special heirloom than a quilt, I am glad you are finishing it. Your daughters are all beauty's, just like you.

  7. Dear Marqueta,

    Love the creature picture! And love that sweet little freckled face!



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