Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Happy Autumn

Dear Friends,

Audrey has been busy with her camera again, photographing some of the simple pleasures of home.

A nice piece of willow, a pointy stick, plus a piece of string can mean lots of fun!

It almost makes up for all the bites and scratches of fall!

Our washer decided it needs a vacation, so we thought we'd wash laundry the old-fashioned way. I'm so grateful I found a nice wringer at the local antique store!

The herbs are almost ready to come inside for their winter vacation~

~And the collards are still going strong!

 We have been outside enjoying the cooler weather each and every day, and our daily smoothie routine has changed to tea, toast, and honey for a treat. We hope that you are having a lovely fall, as well!




  1. Marqueta, have you read The Hunger Games? I enjoyed the book and the movie is very good too. It is a bit violent so you might want to watch it first to determine if it is acceptable for your children. :)

    Love the old fashioned washer.

  2. Looks like a wonderful start to fall. My grandmother had a washer like that ~I love those I bet that is actually fun to use ~Have a great week Love Heather

  3. Just today, I was sharing with my husband, how much I would like to have one of those wringer washing machines... he laughed at me :) but seriously, they are not hard, you just have to adapt and go a bit slower :)

    Thank you for sharing,

    con mucho carino, Maria

  4. Dear Mama, if I had known that you were going to put that picture of me on here I would have deleted it :)!
    I love you so much!!! The bows & arrows are very enthralling, but I don't have to tell YOU that!


  5. I once had a set of #3 tubs on a stand,and an old wringer washer that I done my wash with...then hung the clothes on the old fence to dry...thanks for the memories. I for one am so very happy to welcome Autumn...blessings to your sweet family Marqueta

  6. Love your wringer washing machine. I would love to have one. They are so economical. Our water bill is getting ridiculous. Hope you are all enjoying this lovely autumn weather. It's really glorious this year!

  7. Tea, toast and honey sounds heavenly but I would also have to add a warm jumper, socks and a scarf as it has been soooo wet and cold hereabouts all week. A patch of blue sky outside the window at the moment but darker ones are following on! Dev x

  8. It is a good idea to experience life as it REALLY was before modern appliances. Nevertheless, the washing machine is really neat. My mom had one when I was very young and she used it out on the back porch because the water went everywhere!, I loved to sit beneath it and catch the suds.

  9. Beautiful! I love the wringer, and would love to have one some day, but for now -- it's dry, dry, dry inside! Maybe when I retire! The girls are beautiful!! So I am glad that no pictures got deleted!



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