Friday, September 21, 2012

A Case for Creamy Yellow

Dear Friends,

It seems that everything has a bit of yellow in it this time of year! Don't you love the long-horned beetle in the photograph above? Yellow and black, in a very snazzy pattern!

Kaffeen is sporting a bit of yellow eyeshadow~

~And Little Red Hen's legs are a comely pinky-yellow.

There are yellow mushrooms growing on logs in the yard~

(These oysters were especially tasty!)

We thought that we might as well join the crowd, and made ourselves a dress of creamy yellow. The fabric has been languishing in the fabric stash for a good ten years now, and since it is very heavy, fall is the perfect time for it!

Now to get that housework done. . . 



"I'd like to add some beauty to life," said Anne dreamily. "I don't exactly want to make people know more.  . . though I know that is the noblest ambition. . . but I'd love to make them have a pleasanter time because of me. . . to have some little joy or happy thought that would never have existed if I hadn't been born."                 
~L.M. Montgomery, "Anne of Avonlea"


  1. Isn't the golden yellow of Autumn so lovely!?! It has been changing here too - and even the sun seems to burst forth with a different yellow. I love your dress Marqueta! It is so beautiful!

    I pray you all are doing well!
    Love from Utah!

  2. How lovely you and your new dress are, Marqueta! Very, very pretty! Love the name of your dog. You and your family are so clever, especially when it comes to naming dolls and pets. Really enjoyed the Anne quote. Seems like a very noble ambition.

  3. Lovely Yellow ~and a very Lovely Marqueta in yellow your dress turned out wonderful! ~Have a great weekend Love Heather

  4. The colors on that beetle are truly amazing! I've never seen a beetle that has looked so colorful before.

    I got a little grin from your dog's "eyeshadow," tee hee. :) You look lovely in your new dress as well.

    Blessings to you! :)

  5. You look beautiful in your pretty dress.

  6. I love your dress! Very feminine makes you want to sit and have tea in the garden instead of clean the house.

    Our goldenrod is coming up I love the yellow it brings I wants to go harvest a bunch.


  7. nice post thanks for sharing looking for to visit more..blessings

  8. OOOOooooooo!!!
    Lovely Lovely you are Marquita!!!
    I LOVE ypur DRESS and HAIR!!!
    Come have TEA with meeeee!!!

    I enjoyed the case for creamy YELLOW smile! :-D
    Blessings Hugs and Love, Linnie

  9. Marqueta, I received your card, the seeds, and the children's card too. They made my day! Thank you so much!!

    And you look so lovely in your autumn dress. I wish that I could sew but I am just terrible at it!

  10. I admire all of your yellow pretties, especially the wonderful dress. I am very fond of yellow myself these days. I just finished blowing up a bunch of yellow balloons to fashion into a chandelier for my daughter's birthday breakfast tomorrow.

  11. Que linda te ves mi Querida Amiga!

    Ese estilo de vestir es muy apropiado, para una bella dama como Tu! :)

    Que Nuestro Senor te bendiga...


  12. What a beautiful dress,and you look so pretty wearing it Marqueta...I would love to be able to sew that well...blessings

  13. You do look very beautiful in your warm fall dress, dear mama! I love it. And I love all of the other creamy-yellow things, as well. You're posts are always so inviting ☻ I love you! Love, Audrey

  14. Your dress is gorgeous! If I tried to wear something like that--I'd look like a frilly longshoreman!

    Hope you're enjoyin' the book.

  15. Ah yes, yellow this time of year! We are seeing goldenrods all around. The yellow zinnias are at their last big hoorah -- a blast of yellow. The leaves on the dogwoods are yellowy red .

    I LOVE your dress! Well done! And your hair is absolutely beautiful!



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