Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Annual Small Doll Fair

 Dear Friends,

We have just had our Dollton Fair for the year (truthfully, my children did all the work), and it was a wonderful one!

(Even the queen approved!)

There was an animal show,

 Flower display,

 (Here is the proud winner of the best bouquet, as well as of several other ribbons)

Clothing and aprons for sale,

 As well as beautiful quilts, too~

 Treats were available for everyone, both sweet and savory~

Last but not least, there was a horse race of great excitement!

 Some of the entertainment that was not on the official roster was chasing of giant chickens off
of the fair grounds!
 All in all, a great time was had by all, and although everyone who participated is perhaps a little tired, they are looking forward already to next year's fair!




  1. What a great fair...kiddos did a wonderful job. Looks like everyone had a great time,except maybe the giant chickens :) Blessings sweet friend

  2. I find it funny that I'm excited because I didn't miss photos of the fair this year! Cute idea, and well done.

  3. haha this years doll fair looks amazing who baked all that food?? And the horses what beautiful horses!! Bravo Bravo we are clapping hands here at another wonderful Doll Fair!! Love Heather & Anna

  4. Marqueta, I love your doll fair! Everyone has donned their best! That little piggy is too cute.


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