Saturday, September 21, 2013

Visiting the "Big Muddy"

Dear Friends,

(These photos are from a couple of weeks ago, but I'm just getting around the putting them up~  Sitting down and typing can be a challenge when you have a watermelon-sized belly!) :)

We've been living near the Missouri River for almost three years, and finally made a trip especially to see it. There is a park with river access not far away, and we were happy to discover a nice sandy bank, and very warm water! So different from the Snake River we left behind us.

Some of us were not so sure the water was a safe place to be, especially when a passing barge made some impressive waves!

We found a tiny cricket frog, as well as a blue-tailed skink with an electric blue tail (neither were being very photogenic)~

And we discovered a few sand burs, which is something we'd forgotten about, with the clay soil we've gotten used to!

Back at home, the Monarch butterflies whom we raised from eggs emerged from their beautiful chrysalides.We hope they will make it to Mexico and raise the next generation in the spring.

Raising butterflies has been so much fun this year, and made seeing them enjoying life in the wild that much more precious.

Thank you for your friendship and kind comments. We are so grateful for all of you who stop by here, and for the kinship we feel with you!




  1. Dear Marqueta,
    What a lovely day spent with the family.
    I love nature and all it's surroundings.. You have captured some beautiful photos..

    Raising butterflies... I am sure the children really enjoyed that.

    Wishing you a beautiful weekend.

  2. So very lovely! The day at the river looks perfect! What are sand burs? They sound painful and prickly!
    Every one is looking summer~healthy ...and there's a lady I spied who can really, really wear a straw hat : )

    Raising those butterflies is quite a thing ~ impressive!
    Sending many blessings,
    A x

  3. Your family always looks like they are having so much fun together, Marqueta. Raising butterflies looks like a very interesting pursuit. Maybe next year. BTW, you look absolutely lovely. Prayers are with you as your due date nears.

  4. So pretty, I remember flying over the river. Oh there is nothing like sand to play in. You have to enjoy these sunny days while they are still here. Clarice

  5. How fun! It is always fun to play in the water during the summer. Your daughters look like you in these photos. Butterfly's I love them Wyatt caught several for,his bug display for the fair Ashley and I forbid him to catch any of ours so he had to catch them at a lake we love to visit

  6. The expectant mother looks comfortable in her pretty blue flowered jumper in spite of the cumbersome watermelon. I also wish you a smooth birth experience. How exciting.
    You really went "out on a limb" with this Monarch butterfly adventure. It will be memorable.
    I remember a blue-tailed skink running loose in our house in Tennessee - quite a big one. I don't do well with reptiles. Desperate I paid my young daughter 10 cents to capture it with her butterfly net. She enjoyed herself and was paid for a job well done. Phew.
    Karen A.

  7. Loved your photos from along the river bank of the Missouri. I could almost feel the silt sand under my feet and hear the waves gently washing in. It looks like you had a perfect day!

  8. How you all raised butterflies just amazes me. They are beautiful! I love the pictures at the river....sure looks like a good time. I could have a fun time spending a day with all of you :) Blessings sweet friend and God be with you on the upcoming birth of your wee one.


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