Saturday, September 28, 2013

Welcoming Autumn

Dear Friends,

Happy Autumn to you! We've been enjoying cooler weather lately, although we're supposed to be still in the 80s for the next week or so. We'll gladly take the extra time of warm temperatures that will keep our garden going!

"Our" Monarch butterflies have been hanging about our yard, sipping from the flowers and roosting in the trees at night. They should be leaving any day now, for we have seen several others flying south around town (and we always hold our breath when they cross busy streets!).

The bees are busily gathering nectar for winter, and several honey bees have even come in the house after our honey.

 This bumble bee is perfectly innocent, however~

We finally figured out what kind of squash is taking over our front flower bed: Zucchino Rampicante. Two seeds have produced plants stretching 20 feet or more in all directions! This one seems to have gone to Tasha's head.

The Jerusalem artichokes are looking beautiful with their golden blooms. When the first frost comes, we will be able to start harvesting their tasty tubers.

Our toads keep growing and growing, especially our big female we named Princess. She is big enough to tackle nightcrawlers that would be like our eating a python!

To add to our indoor zoo, we bought a very UN tame parakeet named Pete. Hopefully he will come to trust and love us soon. 

May this season bring you much joy as you experience the wonders of each day. May we all take time to cherish the little things that add up to wonderful memories many years hence.




  1. BEAUTIFUL photos! Loved seeing what you are up to, and that zucchnini picture is perfect!! Love, Lynn

  2. Your Jerusalem artichokes are so pretty. I've never grown them but I'm thinking maybe next year. Love the beautiful photograph of the butterfly. Warm here also. Good for getting all the bedding washed and hung out to dry, but I'm looking forward to the cooler days.

  3. As usual, lovely photos--and Tasha is adorably goofy in hers! Something you might try with your parakeet--if he is biting, slip an emery board through the bars towards him. He will bite the emery board, and two things will occur. First, since you won't pull the board away, he will see that biting does no good, and second, the emery board will genlty wear down the sharp point of his beak, so if he does bite actual fingers, it will be more of a pinch and not a puncture. That and loving treatment will help him to settle in.

  4. Crazy zucchini! The monarchs are superb! Pete is probably a bit overwhelmed, but I don't suppose it will be long before he settles : )
    I hope you have a very lovely calm Autumn, mellow and fruitful as it should be.

  5. Can you believe it is Autumn already?? You photos are so pretty and I love the new look of the blog! I always love it when I come visit you on your blog and see all your happenings dear friend! I pray you and yours are doing well. Lots of love - Emily Fay

  6. I love your little parakeet. I have had them in the past and have been thinking seriously about getting another one...just haven't made up my mind yet. They say you can teach them to talk. My last one I taught to make the kissing was so cute....I would come in the room and she would start thowing me kisses :) I hope yours will tame down should with a little time. Happy Autumn to all of you...blessings on your Birdsong Cottage sweet friend Praying all goes well with the birth of your new wee one.

  7. It is fun this time of year to enjoy those last bits of nature before winter hits. Clarice

  8. Love the pictures Marqueta. Autumn is my favourite time of year

    Lesley xxx


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