Sunday, April 12, 2015

Happy Sunday

Dear Friends,

We recently visited a local nursery to buy a few marigolds for Tasha's flower bed, and were treated to the aromatherapy of soil and flowers.

Audrey shot these photos while we were there, to help us remember the day.

If I were ever tempted to work outside the home (not having my own greenhouse), I think that I could be quite happy working here all day, amongst the growing things!

But then again, there aren't hop toads there at the nursery like there are in our own backyard!

I hope that you have had a wonderful weekend, and are enjoying a restful Sabbath day.




  1. Perhaps one day you can have your own nursery and sell medicinal herbs. And have hop toads too. Audrey did a splendid job with the photography. Enjoy your week ahead!


  2. I love going to greenhouses!! As a child my Grandfather had a small veggie and flower business, so I grew up playing in his 6-7 greenhouses. The smells of the greenhouses reminds me of my childhood and my Grandfather.


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