Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Lone Trillium, 4-6-leaf Clovers, Felines, Country Bairns | Local Natural Wonders (Guest Post by Miss Audrey Graham)

Tasha found a patch of four-, five-, and six-leaved clovers in our backyard, and is pressing them in her dictionary to preserve for the Graham Museum of Natural History we will establish come the realisation of Dream Come True Farm, which shall feature acre upon acre of groves, tree-houses, gardens, stables, and a lovely little Museum twenty paces west of Frankie and Hyrum's workshop.

Meanwhile, inside, Ginger Snow attempts repose in the abode of countless photographically skilled eyes.

You will be found and snapshot even in the vain seclusion of a cardboard box, Mr. Puss!

Our youngest bairns, Rebecca and Hyrum, have been enjoying greatly the sunshine of spring.

This is the only trillium that bloomed for us~

Every one has joined in the work and pleasure of gardening, down to potted peas with makeshift stakes~

We're delighted at all the wee mushrooms sprouting up hither and yon, especially if they happen to be a gargantuan patch of morels* ~ you know that trillium blooming wasn't just for show!

*Note: this morel patch mentioned is something of wishful thinking ~ we are in hopes of finding one...

The yard is sprinkled with violets and ground ivy, making a lovely sight for the eyes and the heart~

Maple seed-pod "helicopters" on a branch~

And in farewell we leave you with our birdbath.

Spring is the season
Of gardens anew
Of plantings peas in
Pots rimm√ęd with dew.


  1. Dear Marqueta,
    Your children are just so adorable... So good they can enjoy the beautiful weather.
    I love all the photos you have shared today.

  2. What a lovely post, Miss Audrey Graham! I do so hope that one day soon you shall have your dream farm, in the most Tasha Tudor-ish of style. What good fortune to find a patch of morels, can't wait for mushroom picking here.


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