Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Springtime is Busy Time!

Dear Friends,

I've just taken the ducklings out for some fresh air in their makeshift pen that the children and I threw together the other day. Ducks grow really fast, and get really stinky in the house, so any day it's nice enough for them to be outside is wonderful! :)

One of our little chicks died on Easter Sunday, making the day bitter sweet, but also giving a lesson of hope for the resurrection.

We have been eating lots of wild greens (some call them weeds) from our yard and neighboring woods, and seeking to incorporate as many of them into our daily meals as possible. I have been also juicing them by running them through the blender with water, lemon juice, and powdered stevia and cinnamon, and then straining. It actually tastes pretty good, and gives a noticeable energy boost. Every year by the end of winter my body starts to drag and feel sluggish, and I crave greens very much. It's such a blessing when the first dandelions peek out of the earth, and seem to say, "Here we are to help you feel better!"

This is a "green smoothie" that Audrey artfully sprinkled bee pollen on for a garnish~

Japanese food is something we've been playing with lately, since I believe that their traditional diet teaches us a lot how we should eat (lots of veggies and wild greens, fermented foods, and sea weeds, with small amounts of meat). I ordered a sushi mold from eBay, and here Audrey is having fun styling our lunch for the day. The mold makes flower, heart, triangle, and square shapes, in almost-bite sized portions.

(Tasha seems pretty excited, too!)

The yard has lots of work waiting to be done, including moving that huge pile of wood chips that we got from a tree-trimming company, plus removing all the goldenrod and black raspberry canes that have taken over the garden, and starting over with fresh beds. With lots of rain and thunderstorms happening, and not being able to get out and work, things can get away from us pretty quickly!

The King of "Bunker Hill"

We also are in the middle of a chicken-coop building project that was supposed to be completed last year, but is still only a base and a pile of lumber (we'll share pictures when it looks nicer). Hopefully we get it done before the new chickens need it!

Contemplating on a rainy day~

 When I need a rest from working (or when it's raining), I get out my well-loved gardening books and dream of that perfect garden that I'll have "some day." Like Louisa May Alcott said, "Far away there in the sunshine are my highest aspirations. I may not reach them, but I can look up and see their beauty, believe in them, and try to follow where they lead."

Soon the crazy-busyness of spring will pass, and summer's sultry days will bring a time of maintenance and eventually harvest. May I pause long enough to count my blessings, and take time to enjoy the little things each day. A busy life with children and home is the best kind of busy I can imagine, and I know that I am truly blessed.




  1. So sorry to hear about your duck. Tried to convince my son to raise some but for now he's sticking to chickens. Just read about all the health benefits of purslane. I'll never look at that weed the same way again. Can't wait to pick some this year. The mold certainly make for a pretty lunch! BTW, love the butterfly decals on your cabinets. Spring certainly is a happy busy time. Hoping that you will have a fruitful garden!


  2. So sorry about your little duckling. You were so right in saying how truly blessed you are. All those beautiful children , a faithful husband, and your happy birdsong cottage. God is good indeed, even in the bad times......God is good. Blessings to you all.

  3. Hello Dear,
    My goats are looking forward to the greens and dandelions too! I miss my ducks and geese,
    Someday we hope to be able to have some again :-)
    We share the same devotions to natural wild foods and herbs ;-) I just bought an old copy of Billy Joe Tatum's
    Wild Foods Cookbook & Field Guide and it has me ready for the adventures of foraging :-)
    Enjoy all your blessings!
    Love and warmth Linnie


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