Friday, April 29, 2016

Spring Greens to Eat

Dear Friends,

I had a few requests on YouTube to start making wild food videos again, so the girls helped me make a theme song/scene for them, and added music to make them more fun.

Harvesting the things that grow all around us, uncared for, yet thriving, is a true thrill and fills my soul with gratitude. I love my gardens with home-grown tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, and peas, but it's wonderful to know that I don't have to work hard to enjoy an abundance of food with an abundance of vitamins and minerals!




  1. I always enjoy your videos . I just saw some poke salad today in someone's yard at an Estate sale. Wasn't enough for a big mess are I would have been tempted to pick it ;) I'll be out looking for some here at home soon, but the snakes are bad here so they may keep me from scouting about. I'm afraid of any kind of snakes.......eeek Blessings

  2. Hi Marqueta,
    I really enjoyed your post today.. Learned a lot too!
    Thank you for visiting.. I am so happy you enjoyed Bebe

  3. You are a fountain of information! So nice to know we will never go hungry around here as long as those plants keep growing... and they will. Happy Belated Birthday and I pray that your family will find that beloved farmstead you dream of. I can really see you with an herb farm, it is perfect for you.

  4. I don't know if you would ever consider leaving the area you are in, but we live in farm country, East Tn. and farms often go up for sale. From 1 acre and upwards. I just noticed a small holding near us is on the market. HUGE barn, I can see it from our house! The house is off the road, and I can't see it that well. If you ever want a contact here in Tn, I will be happy to be on the lookout for you. I would love to have some neighbors like you and yours.


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