Sunday, May 22, 2016

Happy Sunday

Dear Friends,

Our little garden is blooming so prettily for us on this sunny Sabbath Day, we couldn't help sharing it with you.

Hyrum loves this giant allium so much, that he picked it for me right after this was taken. :)

Chive blossoms may be small, but they're as pretty as anything, and so nice in salads and eggs!

In a wild spot in our backyard, I discovered this Solomon's Seal about to bloom~

And our first bloom from a Sarah Bernhardt peony just opened for us today; so lovely!

I drew this picture of a purple milkweed the other day, and the girls made a video of one of my songs to it.

I hope you enjoy it!




  1. Lovely, Marqueta! Peonies are so remarkable, aren't they? I love the smell and the fact that even ants appreciate them! LOL Only one of mine has bloomed; however, the ones from my Great-Grandmother Ziporah's house are nearly ready bloom!

    Have a joyous week! M

  2. Dear Matqueta,
    Oh how I enjoyed your video. Your illustrations were such a joy to watch come alive singing along to the lovely music.. Thank you so much for sharing with us.


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