Tuesday, May 2, 2017

A Merry May to You

Dear Friends,

Our May started off wet, cold, and windy, after several more days of clouds and rain. Our Polish crested hen Phyllis had a head full of mud, so we gave her a trim.

 Much better!

When it's cold and dark, we feel as motivated to work as our cat Ginger, but we push ourselves along, lest we get buried in housework!

Today was a little more sunny and dry, so we had our annual May Day festivities. This year it was Rebecca's turn to be the Queen of the May, which she seemed to enjoy immensely!

I hope that you are enjoying the beginning of your May, as well. We are praying for our friends that are in areas or flooding or other disasters. May the Lord bless and keep you!




  1. Marqueta, the chickens are so cute and so is the kitty. Long live the Queen of the May! Rebecca looks very royal in that picture. xo

  2. Love your cute chickens. I don't have any at the moment but hope have them again whenever we are able to move. There's a new, fancy neighborhood on the former 65-acre farm behind us. :( Love the May Day celebration and congratulations to the new Queen of the May. :)
    Have a lovely week!

  3. What a lovely queen of May! It's a cold and wet Spring here this year, too. Can't wait for it to dry up so I can redo my herb garden. Hope the sun comes out for you all soon and that Phyliss stays out of the mud!


  4. A beautiful May Queen! What a wonderful childhood your children are growing with!
    So funny...the chicken looks so nice and fluffy now. Ha! love, Andrea

  5. Happy May and so glad you dropped by-I love Tasha Tudor very much I have one of her books as I love her illustrations will check out her crafts book. rain rain and more rain here hoping this is the end of it soon
    hugs to all of you Kathy

  6. The little May Queen is beautiful! Happy Spring and Happy May to you! Love and hugs, Lynn


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