Wednesday, May 24, 2017

A Rainy May

 Dear Friends,

How has your May been so far? Ours has been up and down the thermostat, with many rainy days that have turned our peonies and irises into mush! The other flowers are starting to pick up, though, which brings a bit of sunshine to our lives.

Tickseed Coreopsis


The lemon balm is doing nicely, as well! We've been using lots of it in blender drinks.

The peas we planted back in February are starting to come on, in spite of the naughty sparrows that snip off little bits and pieces here and there!

The wild plants in the yard are giving us lots of yummy snacks, too, like these "pickles" on the wood sorrel.

Today our backyard cardinals brought their baby with them to have a sunflower seed snack; we've never seen one so close before! Life is full of beautiful blessings, in spite of the rain that falls in our lives.




  1. Hi Marqueta! I'm not sure if my comment made it so this is my 2nd try. Such a cute baby cardinal! Your May weather sounds like mine...except that our rain has not been heavy....constant but not heavy! Very nice and green there at least! love,Andrea

  2. Beautiful photos. I adore spring ♥

  3. Marqueta, it has been a rather rainy May here too. Yesterday, the next town over had a tornado. I am NOT used to tornados. Yikes! Love your beautiful flowers. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I remember you saying that you all were moving. Am I remembering correctly? If so, how is it going? xo

  4. Your plants are beautiful green from all the rain. Love the photo of the baby cardinal. It's adorable. Bird-watching is one of my favorite pastimes. Love that you snack from the yard. Today I was bitten by an ant while outside in our yard so I chewed a plantain leaf for just a bit then applied it to the welt the ant bite had made. It stopped hurting fairly quickly. So thankful for all the Father has provided for us.
    Have a lovely weekend!

  5. Our May has been good. I cannot complain. I cannot believe today is June 1st! The year flies by, as always. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos. Happy Gardening! xo Lynn


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