Sunday, June 11, 2017

Three Birthdays in the Family

Dear Friends,

Happy June to you! We are still waiting on a job for Mr. Graham to enable us to move to the Ozarks. In the meantime, three of the girls have celebrated birthdays.

On May 31st, AnnaMarie and Rebecca celebrated their special day together. Audrey decorated their cake, that kind of looks like someone turned 207, instead of 20 and 7. :)

And today Audrey turned 18. Can you believe we have two adult children? How did that happen?

Audrey is a real foodie, so on her birthday we're always bound to have something fun. Boba tea is a favorite (of course with a sugar-free twist!).

I am always amazed to look back at birthday times and see how much the Lord has blessed me through the lives of my children. May I continue to mother them in such a way that they are prepared to go forth and start their own families with a firm foundation someday.




  1. Happy Birthday to your lovely daughters! You are blessed! ♥

  2. Happy Birthdays to everyone. that would have been too awesome to live close to Yellowstone-if I was not a senior now I would love to live out there--good luck with job hunting in Springfield-that city has grown allot since '98 when we bought our property so chances of finding a job should be good


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