Friday, June 16, 2017

Wild Recipes for You to Try

Dear Friends,

 It is high season for foraging greens, and I have put together a couple of videos (with the help of my daughters) with creative ways of getting them into your family's diet.

Here they are!

I hope you like them.




  1. Marqueta, I've just watched the tortilla video as I'm short on time but I will be back for more! I make my own tortillas from time to time and never thought to incorporate greens to them. What a wonderful idea. Thank you!

  2. good morning, I really enjoyed your videos-the green torillas was interesting use of greens-going to try that one-have you made them with corn flour? I have that same processor-over 40 years old now lol off to watchthe clover burger video

  3. Hi, Marqueta! Great job! Thank you for sharing these! xoxo Lynn


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