Tuesday, August 29, 2017

New Beginnings

Hello, dear friends!

You probably thought I dropped off the edge of the earth, but here I am, alive and well. :)

We had to move quickly out of our home in Kansas City so the landlord could get it ready to sell, and ended up staying with friends for over a month while everything was in storage (long story!).

We finally found a home that is in town, but closer to where we were hoping to move, in the country. We've only been here a few days, so everything is still piled up and in a mess, but it's good to be in our own place again, even if it is temporary. Life is the great adventure!

I hope that you have all been doing well, and I will do my best to catch up on your blogs as soon as I am able.




  1. I had no idea you were moving, but I agree, it's a grand adventure.
    Looks like you have plenty of good help, too. :)
    Praying everything goes smoothly.

  2. Looks like a lot of work! Hope you enjoy your new digs!


  3. Marqueta, moving can be such a challenging time. I pray that you are enjoying these last summer days in spite of all the hustle and bustle. xo


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