Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Gift of Friendship

Dear Friends,

We've been busy little bees here, while our poor computer has been feeling under the weather. We hope that the latest dose of computer vaccine will do it good!

Thank you so much for coming by, and for your sweet comments and support. What a lovely thing, indeed, to have so many friends.

We were blessed last week to receive a package from our dear friend Lynn and daughter Michaela. Thank you so much, ladies! We truly treasure each thoughtful gift.

The suspense is mounting!

The paper people were the lucky recipients of a beautiful trundle bed~just the right size!

And Tasha was the lucky recipient of a new play dress!

And here we are using our nifty Whole Foods bag for "shopping" in the woods!

While at the pond, we caught some more of these to bring home and observe (Along with a horse leech and various snails, which declined to have their picture taken.),

And spent time learning a new craft or two,

And planting a few carrots for eating in late summer.

Does she like butter? I believe so!

We also discovered that male pine cone buds are mighty tasty!

And we were sure to take time and smell the flowers.

May your day be blessed and happy, and may the Lord hold you safe in His all-powerful hands.



"Since the beginning, the garden has been a haven of good values, both physical and spiritual. The act of gardening provides a balm for every wound. May your medicine be of the garden, and may it be of benefit to all." ~Richo Cech, "Making Plant Medicine"


  1. Wow your going to have some yummy vegtables soon~ Enjoy all that fresh air~Blessings :-)

  2. Hey there.Looks like you all are having a good time.Hope you have a great day! Blessings, Faye

  3. You all have been busy indeed! I just love the picture of you "shopping" in the woods! Very Tasha Tudor!
    By the way ~ how does one tell a male from a female pinecone bud? (I know about fauna but not flora.)

  4. Dear Marqueta, you are so sweet! I'm so happy the dress will get more play time! :)

    I love the pictures of you as well, shopping in the woods. You are a "natural" with plants and nature. You look so at home working with flowers and herbs.

    I was hoping the trundle bed didn't stick shut! I rush too much usually, due to having to work, and I was afraid I didn't give it proper drying time.

    I am still LOVING everything you sent me. Every time I pick up one of the old books you sent me or the sagebrush, I think of you and your girls and little Frankie out exploring nature.



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