Tuesday, May 26, 2009

"Far From the Madding Crowd"

"It seems to me I'd like to go
Where bells ne'er ring or whistles blow;

Where clocks ne'er strike and gongs ne'er sound,
But where there's stillness all around.

Not real still stillness-just the trees'
Low whisperings or the croon of bees;

The drowsy tinkling of the rill,
Or twilight song of the whippoorwill.

'Twould be a joy could I behold
The dappled fields of green and gold,

Or in the cool, sweet clover lie
And watch the cloud-ships drifting by.

I'd like to find some quaint old boat,
And fold its oars, and with it float

Along the lazy, limpid stream
Where water-lilies drowse and dream.

Sometimes it seems to me I must
Just quit the city's din and dust,

For fields of green and skies of blue;
And say! how does it seem to you?"

~Nixon Waterman


  1. Sweet words and pictures!

  2. That was beaotiful.Hope you are having a geat ady! Blwssings, Faye

  3. Thanks for sharing love the pictures, we had thunderstorms here today and have been huddled up reading poems as well ~Blessings

  4. Oh Marqueta,

    El poema y las fotos son tan lindas.

    Gracias, como siempre, por compartir!


    lady m

  5. Dear Marqueta, your words today reflect what our Prairie Tuesdays have become to me: a rest from the Madding Crowds! (Though we did get on line today to visit the museum site.) I love your words today and the pictures are so lovely. Thanks for sharing them.


  6. Hi Marquita, so nice to see your sweet girls caring for the wild things around your home. I am an avid rescuer of bumble bees and will be posting about it soon.


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