Friday, May 1, 2009

Let us Go a-Maying. . .

Song of the Princess May

March and April go your way!
You have had your fitful day,
Wind and shower, and snow and sleet,
Make wet walking for my feet,

For I come unsandaled down
From the hillsides bare and brown;
But wherever I do tread
There I leave a little thread

Of bright emerald, softly set
Like a jewel in the wet,
And I make the peach-buds turn
Pink and white, until they burn
Rosy red within their cells;
Then I set the blooming bells
Of the flowering alder ringing,
And apple blossoms swinging

In a shower of rosy snow
As I come and as I go
On my gay and jocun way,
I, the merry Princess May.

~Nora Perry

Dear Reader,

My, we're glad to see you on this, the first of May! The computer and I decided to come down with a virus at the same time on Monday (Thankfully this occurred AFTER we had watched the last installment of "Little Dorrit" on the internet.), causing an upheaval in our normal schedule and causing us to live like the old-fashioned homemaker we claim to be!

This was only one of the many "Lessons in Disappointment" that the School of Life had to offer us: A chicken died, the hyacinths, forget-me-nots, and bleeding hearts froze and then were buried by six inches of snow, we received a jury summons, etc. etc.. So we look forward, with renewed vigor, to a new month, new flowers in the garden, and many happy memories to be made, in spite of life's "oppositions".

One thing we did miss very much this past week, and that was the friendship of you, dear reader. We came to realize that we would be very sad if something happened and we had no further contact with you. With that in mind, we thought it might be nice, if you were willing, to have your physical address (You could do this via email), so that, if the unforseen occured and we lost internet connection, we would still be able to keep in touch. The girls have even hinted that if any young ladies would like to write, they would promise to be faithful pen friends!

With that said, and with our thanks for your continued wonderful support, we will finish this post with a little fun that we've had today, playing May Day. After the girls made and passed out little May baskets filled with dandelions and other little roadside flowers (Now we know why May Day originated in England and not in Idaho!), AnnaMarie's name was drawn to be the first official Graham Family Queen of the May.

We had a procession out to the ditch and back (To the amusement of all passersby), and had an official coronation ceremony. Her decree was that we find and put up a Maypole, which we have not yet done, so we'll have to hunt for something suitable as soon as possible!

May you indeed have a wonderful May Day, full of flowers, hope, and merry hearts.




"God keeps a school for his children here on earth; and one of his best teachers is named Disappointment. He is a rough teacher; severe in tone and harsh in his handling, sometimes, but his tuition is worth all it costs. Many of our best lessons through life have been taught us by that same old stern schoolmaster, Disappointment."


  1. What sweet fun!! Definitely a memory your girls will always cherish, I'm sure! Happy May Day!

  2. Querida Marqueta,

    what a joy that you have begun to feel better :)

    I am glad that the girls are also having such a good time today.

    You already have my e-mail, it will be a pleasure to correspond.

    Alas, I have two boys and my little girl is non-verbal, so it will have to be you and me.

    feliz primero de Mayo, mi amiga.


    Lady M

  3. Dear Marqueta,

    I have missed you greatly and noticed your absence. I've been worried about you. I'm glad you are okay, but I'm sorry for the viruses and for the not-so-pleasant events. Time and chance...

    I have been meaning to e-mail you actually and speak to you of exactly the things you mentioned in your post today. I'll send you an e-mail. I've worked today and I work tomorrow, so if I don't get to it today or tomorrow, know it's coming soon!


  4. Marqueta,
    So glad you (and your computer) are virus free for the time being!
    How fun to make a May Pole! I went to Leavenworth, Washington for their May Fest one time and saw the dancers dancing round the pole. 'Twas quite enjoyable to watch. I would have made a knot to be sure! with my two left feet! Be sure to take a picture of your children if they make one.
    Your comment on my Garden Blog intrigued me so I had to go look up what a Commonplace Book was. I am so excited about this! I think it would be fun to get a little notebook and embellish it to be "My Commonplace Book". Do you have a decorated one? They sound delightful. What a wonderfully "old fashioned" thing to have.
    Thanks for the inspiration!
    Have a beautiful weekend!

  5. p.s. I meant to say, my email is on my profile page. :~P



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