Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Fun With Herbs

Dear Friends,

Thank you for coming by our home today, and may you enjoy your stay!

We want our friend Lady Farmer to know how thankful we are for her gift of this beautiful apron, modelled by AnnaMarie. It will become a family treasure, for sure!

We have been enjoying a few new herbals lately, and especially love this beginner's handbook by Julie Bruton-Seal and her husband Matthew.

Although it was originally published in England, it has been revised in this edition for an American audience. I especially liked the little quotes from Dr. Christopher on some of the margins ! :0) I really would recommend it for anyone who is just learning about herbal remedies. It's full of beautiful pictures and creative ideas for using locally-available plants, which I think is something we all should focus on. I believe that the plants which grow around were put their by the One who knows what needs we have in our particular area, and that every area of the world has its own set of plants which will heal that which ails us.

Another fun discovery are these "Herbal Roots" magazines,

which are put out monthly by Kristine Brown of Luna Herb Farm. They were created especially for children, and are full of learning activities, poems, and songs about the featured herb. We have only looked through the yarrow and calendula issues, but the girls have really had a lot of fun with them. We are looking forward to collecting all the issues, as time and finances allow. For $6 you get a pdf printout, which you can print for each child, so it really is very economical if you have more than one child using it. This month's herb is calendula, and we are starting seeds right now in pots, since we don't have any growing in the garden this year.

We hope that you will take some time to wonder at the beauty and glory of God's creations, and how He planned for us to have everything we need from the earth, the sun, water, and the air we breathe~how could anyone believe that it all happened by accident?

Love and peace to you and your loved ones today,


"Harvesting wild plants for food or medicine is a great pleasure, and healing in its own right. We all need the company of plants and wild places in our lives, whether this is an old wood, a mountainside or the seashore, just down the street, or in our own backyard. Gathering herbs for free is the beginning of a valuable and therapeutic relationship with the wild." ~Matthew and Julie Seal


  1. Dear Mama,
    I like the post, I really like the apron, it's really pretty!:)
    and the "Herbal Roots" magazines, too!
    The crosswords are fun.
    I love you and I like you!

  2. Dear Mama,
    I messed up on the last comment, so I will do another one:I was meaning to say, I like the post, the apron is pretty, I really like it! and I like the "Herbal Roots" magazine,too! The crosswords are fun.
    I love you and I like you, again!

  3. We have been enjoying herbal bouquets that are scenting our home... of all types of gardening and bouquets herbs are my absolute favorite!! Lovely to see your interest in them too! Your daughter is so sweet in her apron bordered by beautiful sunflowers what a photo to cherish! Are the "Graham Sisters" your daughters? Oh, how precious Marqueta!

  4. Querida Amiga,

    Las yerbas naturales son tan beneficiales. Aqui estan creciendo de lo mas bien ;)

    El delantal esta muy bonito...que lindo the tener amigas que te quieren tanto a ti, y las ninas ;)

    Queria tambien decirte que cambie el nombre del blog...ahora se llama:

    Ten un gran dia!


    lady m

  5. Good day Marqueta, I just love your girls they are so sweet. I have not heard of this book and herbal roots. I just ordered a copy, thank you. I was just given water kefir and am playing around wiht that and would like to add herbs. Have a lovely day xoxox

  6. Good morning,

    What a lovely blog! The apron is so sweet on your little darling. What a special keepsake.

    Thank you for stopping by Rose Cottage and leaving your encouraging comments. I am very appreciative of your kind visit! Since you enjoy hats, I hope you had a chance to see the post just before the lavender wands about the French hat festival. It was amazing! The demostration of centuries-old straw hat making was fascinating. The link is: .

    Hope you can come by for a visit again soon~

    Blessings to you and your girls,
    Debbykay at Rose Cottage Gardens and Farm

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  8. What a beautiful, refreshing, feminine and godly blog you have here!!! :) What a JOY to find you...Look forward to visiting again. :>)

    With Much Love in Christ~ Miss Jen

  9. Thanks for sharing I am going to look into both the book and magazine. Loved the picture of your girls laughing, and the apron looks great! Enjoy your harvest and may your new seedlings bloom sure and strong ~Blessings Heather ;D

  10. Hello, Marqueta! :) It has been awhile since I have commented, but I just had to say that I love the first photo of your two girls! How precious! It certainly looks like they enjoy spending time together. :)

    Your new header is also so beautiful! What a blessing your dear children must be to you!

  11. Greetings Marqueta,
    Thanks for the link for the herb book for children. My little Lydia loves the herb garden and this will be wonderful for her:-)

  12. Your girls are so lovely! that apron is so sweet! And that looks like an interesting book! I may have to look that one up...

  13. Dear Marqueta, I love your pictures! The girls look so sweet and pretty.

    You know I am totally with you on the herbs and how suitable they are for medicine and food. I am trying to take an infusion daily. We have just gotten so busy in our modern lives that it's easy to overlook the yard and all it offers completely.


  14. such a good book to have, love the pictures and the apron!

  15. OK! I DEFINITELY have to SECOND the comments on the pictures! Especially the first one! It is absolutely one of the most beautiful pictures I have EVER seen! It makes me want to WEEP! AnnaMarie has about the most captivating, angelic smiles I have ever seen!

    Furthermore, I appreciate long hair, and long modest skirts and dresses on women and girls, but it is such a rare thing these days. It makes this photograph all the more amazing.

    I taught English in South Korea for about three years, and really grew to appreciate the beauty of some of my students, and now I cannot see them. Perhaps this is one of the reasons this picture affects me so. Your daughters are truly as corner stones, polished after the similitude of a palace. Thank you for sharing those photos, and - again - the top one in particular.


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