Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sabbath Readings~"The Mother a Sculptor"

Greetings, dear friends! I'd like to share with you this thought from "The Mother's Magazine", 1847. Though my copy of this magazine is crumbling, the words still ring true.

**The original copy**

"Every mother is a sculptor. Though perhaps she dreams not of it, she is engraving lines on a tablet that are to endure for ages. Scarcely a day passes that her hand does not trace new words on the mind and heart of her child, or engrave more deeply and indelibly those of former days. Say what we will of influence, there is none so powerful, for good or for evil, as that of a mother over her child in the nursery. Some one, who, we know not, has given utterance to this sentiment in language much more impressive than any we have at command. He says:

'You may readily trace on the sandy beach impressions distinct and multiform, but the next rolling wave will wash them out. The spots and stains of your earthly robes may be removed; the ravages of a storm that strips nature of its beauty and glory, may be repaired; time and culture may re-clothe it with its former fertility and beauty. But, oh! remember--and may it be written with a diamond impression upon your soul--that the impressions of child, the precepts which you chisel down into the hearts of children, will, like letters graven on a rock, remain forever. If they are in types of vice, nothing short of omnipotent, divine grace can erase them. If in the beauteous forms of virtue and holiness, they will brighten and beautify in the sunlight of a heavenly and eternal day.' "

A blessed Sabbath to you~



  1. Dear Marqueta,
    Your blog is always full of loveliness, godly wisdom, encouragement and beauty! Thank you for all you share, and thank you for the very kind comment you left for me. You always encourage and bless me with your sweet words! Bless you for being who you are... a dear, sweet, loving lady, too!!! Thank you for blessing me and my sweet Pearl!

    The Lord bless you and your dear ones! You and your family are so precious! Enjoy the rest of your summer.... gardening and herb-gathering sounds like such fun. It has been to hot and humid for me to work in my garden, but I look forward to Autumn.

    Much love,

  2. Mi querida amiga,

    Cada vez que yo te visito, yo me voy con tanta paz en mi corazon!

    Gracias por tu manera de mirar el mundo ;)

    lady m

  3. Thank you for sharing that was very nice to ponder on~ Many Blessings Heather ;D

  4. Dear Marqueta, I do love those thoughts so much and they are so true. I think one of the reasons I'm so drawn to Charlotte Mason is that she readily admitted and gave way to the powerful influence of the home and of the mother in particular.


  5. Dear Marqueta,
    this is wonderful, thank you for sharing this. Clarice


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