Friday, August 28, 2009

Happy Tasha Tudor Day!

Dear Friends,

Welcome today to our part of the world. We thank you for coming by, and hope you've had a lovely week, as well! Ours was spent busily preparing for Grandma and Grandpa Graham. They are coming to visit us and see Mr. Graham perform as Captain Crewe in "A Little Princess" at the local theatre.

We wanted to share a little of our humble celebration for our dearly departed Tasha Tudor, whose birthday is today. Although she is no longer on the earth, we feel that her spirit is just as strong as ever.

AnnaMarie made this clay figure of Tasha and her goat and dove~Too bad the camera wouldn't cooperate and made blurry pictures!

AnnaMarie also made a fruit ice for us this morning (And decorated it with mint and flowers) out of frozen apples and bananas, with a little organic lemon flavoring for just the right touch of citrus.

Too bad the angel isn't edible! ;)

Later in the day, we had a tea at a local park~

Perhaps Mr. Graham is going over his lines in his head?

We used our forget-me-not teapot to remember little Victoria, who was born and died last year.

And watched "Take Joy" and "Take Peace", the video biographies of Tasha Tudor.

All in a all, it was a pleasant way of remembering the lady who has been such an influence in our lives. May her memory be always kept alive.



"The past wasn't as romantic as people seem to think. There were many hardships, especially for women. They usually had large families of six or eight; they were pregnant most of the time or nursing when they weren't. Think of all the spinning and knitting and sewing and cooking and woodgathering. It was constant. No wonder that saying, 'Man may work from sun to sun, But woman's work is never done.' I don't say they were unhappy, but I think they were tired most of them." ~Tasha Tudor (Somehow this quote seemed appropriate after our week of deep cleaning!)


  1. Happy Tasha Tudor day. I think this is just the kind of day Tasha would love. Please tell AnnaMarie I love her clay figure, she is very talented. Just think what a wonderful tradition this will be year after year. Thank you for sharing with all of us. Almost as nice as being there. Clarice

  2. Sounds like a perfectly lovely day!

  3. Que lindo dia tuvistes, mi querida amiga!

    Yo tambien tengo muchos libros the Tasha...ella tambien me ha inspirado mucho en la forma que uno puede vivir rodeado de naturaleza y completamente adorar to vida!

    Te deseo una gran visita con tus suegros...

    con mucho carino,

    lady m

  4. Whata lovely way to celebrate Tasha Tudor Day!

  5. What a wonderful way to remember Tasha, with a beautiful celebration. The pretty clay figure, the wonderful fruit ice, and the lovely tea. What a blessing how everyone could add a little something special to the celebration. Thanks for sharing such an important day with your family. Happy Tasha Tudor Day!!! ;D

  6. It's a day late but the sentiment is the same! Remember each day to take joy! Hope Mr. Graham did well in his role!


  7. Happy, Happy Tasha Tudor Day to you!

    Love~ Jenny

  8. I enjoyed reading how you celebrated Tasha Tudor Marqueta! Your children are beautiful, the things they have made to make your day special is very sweet! I enjoyed seeing your book collection as well!

  9. What a lovely celebration and I just adore that tea pot!

  10. Hello Marqueta,
    Thank you for visiting my blog and giving me the opportunity to visit all your wonderful blogs. It was a privilege to read through them. Best wishes.

  11. Thanks for stopping by.Thankyou for your kind words. I'm going to be doing some more posts on Tasha. Linda

  12. Dear Marqueta,

    I finally get a chance to comment on your lovely post. I was working Friday, so I could not take part in Tasha Tudor day, sadly. But I couldn't wait to see what you all did. I read your post days ago and finally am getting back to you to tell you how lovely everything looks.

    I love the teapot! It's beautiful. And all the hats and sandwiches and smiles - totally necessary for an excellent picnic!

    I have a letter ready to go out to you but we want to get some postcards for the girls. Sorry to be so slow, friend. These past couple of months have just been so hectic here.


  13. What a lovely family day you all spent. Tasha would have felt quite at home at your gathering.

  14. See, for me, the best part of this post is the PICTURE of Tasha! (And, if I did not know any better, I would say that it is not by coincidence that she was so named...) ;)

  15. I'm not sure how old this post is and I hope you see this comment. I had a dear little girl that died as well. She and I shared a lovely connection through forget-me-nots. Please, forgive me, but I would love to know where you got your tea pot.


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