Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Sunshine and Shadows

Dear Friends,

We had a wonderful weekend celebrating Mr. Graham's birthday with his family, and going to his "A Little Princess" play at the local theatre. We are always left feeling a little sad whenever company goes; like after all the presents have been opened on Christmas! We spent the rest of the day trying to get back to "normal" and getting our homeschool routine down.

Yesterday was the first anniversary of our little Victoria's birth and death. She lived only two hours, but will forever be in our hearts. We wanted to go to a local lake to have a picnic in her honor, but our van wouldn't start, so we consoled ourselves by having a birthday tea with the Tall Dolls. The tea party was quite a lovely affair, even including cake and ice cream! Our doll Victoria, of course, blew out the candle, and we sang to her in leiu of the real Victoria.

Later the dolls played tag outside, but paused long enough to have their portraits taken with their mothers by the biggest sunflower we have.

Our orphaned kittens, Liberty and Justice, have been growing like weeds, and will be nine weeks old tomorrow.
According to the cat thermometer, it's hot on the couch!

Look at those beautiful blue eyes!

Of course, Frankie, yours are beautiful, too!
We feel thoroughly blessed to have passed through the learning experiences that the Lord has seen fit to give us. We now know what it is to lay a child to her eternal rest, and we know that although we always will miss that child, there is a spirit of peace and comfort that accompanies our greatest losses. There is no need to fear, for the Savior is near. We only pray that we will be worthy to someday be with all of our loved ones again in heaven, and never have to part.

May the Lord bless you and yours today. Please take some time to let your loved ones know how much you truly love them, for life is a fleeting and fragile thing.




“Live life so completely that when death comes to you like a thief in the night, there will be nothing left for him to steal.” ~Anonymous


  1. Thank you for this wonderful post. Having just had a miscarriage a few months ago, the healing process is still going on. But knowing that the Lord helps us through our trails and our sorrows is a great comfort!

    Such a lovely tea! And your kittie is just so cute!

    Hope you are having a lovely day today dear friend!

  2. Marqueta,

    I am so sorry for your loss. What a neat way to remember her. May the Lord continue to heal your heart.
    Love, heather

  3. May the Lord strengthen you
    and uphold you!
    What a lovely way to honor
    and remember such a precious
    wee one!!

    With Much Love~ Miss Jen

  4. Dear Marqueta,
    I am so sorry to hear of this deep loss in your life, may comfort and love fill your day. Your children are so beautiful, what a lovely life you are living with them. Many blessings to you mama!xoxo

  5. Thank you for sharing about your loss with your daughter we are sorry to hear that your family had to go through this it is really such an amazing encouragement to hear how faithful the Lord has been just through the peace in which you write about it. We have lost a baby through miscarriage but treasure our ultrasound pictures and have much peace knowing they have gone to the Lord. We enjoy reading about all the special things you guys do as a family what wonderful memories you all have to keep with you.

    The pictures of your children as always are just beautiful. The kittens are adorable! Have a blessed week as you get back into your schooling.

    I would like to leave you with my email, my daughter Anna is looking for a pen pal to write to, if you think your daughters would like some letters from around the country in our traveling please send us an email and we could exchange information.
    Blessings Heather ;D

  6. Dear Marqueta,

    What a lovely post, with beautiful pictures and thoughts. I've told you before, but it doesn't hurt to say again how sorry I am for your loss. I'll be thinking of you today as I go about my errands and our school work.


  7. What a sweet little party in honor of your precious girl. I am so very sorry to hear about the loss of your little one. But it is lovely that you all were able to celebrate her with such love and fun.

    Those kittens are so their coloring! Wish one would wander over to my yard ;)

  8. Mi querida Amiga mia...

    Mi carino esta con tu linda familia. La tristeza viene por momentos, pero la esperanza se queda contingo siempre, porque Nuestro Senor Jesus Cristo esta contigo siempre!

    La manera de recordar a tu preciosa bebe es tan lindo y me llena de mucha alegria sabiendo que to FE es tan grande como tu corazon.

    Con mucho carino, amiga mia...

    lady m

  9. What a beautiful and loving tribute to your precious daughter, May the Lord continue to bless and keep you and your family in His loving care.

  10. What a perfect little party to celebrate sweet Victoria. She'll never be far away.

  11. You have such a lovely family!

    Mrs. White

  12. Dear Marqueta, it sounds like it has been a bittersweet week. I will be praying for you this week and that you will feel the Lords arms around you xoxox Clarice

  13. Don't you just love little girls and their babies.... so sweet. Those kittens are beautiful!

  14. What a lovely tribute to your daughter. I have four daughters and one son as your picture shows that you do. My children are older than yours are but it is much joy to see them grow.


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