Monday, September 7, 2009

The Doll's Fair~Happy Labor Day!

Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for coming by Merry Hearts Cottage today! We hope you enjoyed a lovely weekend.

We returned yesterday from a little trip to Utah, where we attended the 40th anniversary celebration of Grandma and Grandpa Graham. It was a lovely family reunion, and we were thankful to have been able to see everyone there.

This morning, the backyard was busily transformed into a fairground, in preparation for the annual Doll's Fair. Although we must confess that it may not have been as fancy as Tasha Tudor's, it was definitely creative!
Benjamin Franklin did quite well as the ticket man.

One of the main attractions was a siamese tiger!

There were horse races~

A dog show~

A vegetable display~

Many exhilarating rides~

And giant chickens? ?

There were also wholesome refreshments for all~

And many hand-crafted items for sale.

In short, it was a day to remember, and much nicer than the fair going on down the road, with all the crowds and loud noises!

May all of you be held in the hollow of the Lord's hand throughout the upcoming week.




These Simple Things

These things I delight: The shape of a tree,
A wide-open gate for much company,
A hackberry fire, snow in the air,
Books at my hand, and a deep, soft chair.
I am fond of bird music and innocent fun,
The prayer of the earth when a shower is done,
The laugh of a child and the rhythm of tear,
The sigh of a bud when the blossom appears.
I love the sharp fragrance of a balsam and pine,
The scent of warm bread, and the wild grapevine.
The breath of new snow, spring water that flows
Are high in perfumes with the scent of the rose.
I've a zest for the eating of honeybee meal,
The tang of the cress with crab apple peel,
For the flesh of red haw and sassafras rind
To quicken the palate and kindle the mind.
I delight in rough towels and take special pride
In sheets that are hung in the dew and sun-dried.
I love a flat pillow, wind in my hair,
And a quilt that is woven with silence and prayer.

~Jennie Harris Oliver


  1. dear mami
    that was a fun fair....good thing liberty was in the way of ken!

    ~ tasha

  2. Happy doll fair day, what a fun doll day, I am sure Tasha would have loved it xoxoxo Clarice

  3. Dear Marqueta, I loved visiting your doll fair. My what a celebration they had!! There's not a fair ever been here that can beat that! :)

    I love all the pictures, as usual, and the poem at the end was especially touching to me today. This is a busy work week for me -- lots of training, little time at home this week. Wish me luck! Once it's over I'll have a week off and a much-needed break!


  4. How sweet! I love it! This is something I know my girlies would enjoy! I should do something like this. THANK YOU for the wonderful idea! :) It looks like it was a big success and lots of fun!

  5. I loved this Marqueta.. It made my day too since we are also a non crazy state fair people.. This is the kind of fair we need to do..~Bobbette

  6. My girls an I really enjoyed seeing the "Labor Day" fun fair your girls ( and boy) had. lol It really mad us smile this morning. We should get our girls together they are so much alike.

  7. What a lovely dolls fair!

    Love, Heather

  8. Delightful! So nice to meet you. Lady Farmer directed me here and I am so glad she did.


  9. How Sweet looks like a lovely day ~Blessings Heather:D

  10. Querida amiga,

    Me encanta la simple belleza de tu vida!

    Gracias por compartirla...

    muchas bendiciones,

    lady m

  11. LOVELY.... *happy sigh*
    what a wonderful doll fair!

    Love~ Miss Jen

  12. Dear Mama,
    I like the post! I had fun at the doll fair! I love you and I like you

  13. Anna is very excited to hear she will have a pen pal our email address is If you send us your email I can send you our address I just did not want to post it on the blog and I am sure Anna who is very excited will have a letter in the mail immediately hehe blessings Heather

  14. Thanks you so much for sharing! I had such a lovely time at the online Annual Doll's Fair and I look forward to next year! :)
    And thank you so much for visiting my Domestically Inclined Corner of cyber space.

  15. Dear Marqueta,
    I love the sweet and meaningful things that you and your family do together. It truly is heart warming to think of the beautiful memories being made by your children that will be held close to their hearts : )

  16. Thank you for such a sweet blog.
    I'm a little late to the party - it's Dec 2009.

    I noticed that you dress your children modestly. I dressed mine modestly too. However, we had a problem with Miss Barbie. She SURELY isn't modest. thing that I did was paint some undergarments on Barbie. I had some "White-Out" that I used and just painted her from the top of her knees to the tops of her shoulders and made a "cap sleeve" on each of her arms - as if she were wearing long knickers and a t-shirt. Now the miss is no long immodest - no matter what she's dressed in! lol

    Just an idea.

    Darlene in North Georgia


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