Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thursday Tea Time

Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for coming by today~You're just in time for tea!

We decided to set out two tables today, so there will be plenty of room if you want to bring a doll or two :)~
While we bigger folks will sit at the bigger table here~

The Japanese Knotweed is in bloom, and makes a lovely centerpiece~

Add some pretty cups and saucers, a few healthful refreshments (Except maybe for the pickles), a lemon slice~

And we're all ready to enjoy a few moments of each others' company! Oh yes, don't forget the tea: today's tea is a blend of sage leaves and linden blossoms, very yummy and nourishing.

(Should you be in the mood for something a little more filling than carrots, popcorn, and pickles, we'll be serving up garden-fresh ratatouille in a few minutes here :) )

Thank you to Emily of A Beautiful Life for motivating us to have our party today~we hope you all enjoyed it as much we did it. May you have a blessed day, dear friends, till next time.




My fields are not too rich in grain,
My orchard trees are lean and few;
But, friend of mine, come once again,
Ever their yield belongs to you!

The rooms within my house are small,
Their furnishings are not the best;
But, friend of mine, my home and all
It holds is yours--come you and rest!

~Sydney B. Cooksley


  1. They all look so special and pretty in their dresses. I really enjoyed your photo's! Come by when time allows. Blessings,Rose

  2. Oh! I love your tea! I felt as if I was right there along with you! :) It looks like it was a great fun and that your girls enjoyed it ~ as well as yourself! :) I think it's so refreshing to "dress up" and have some extra girl time with our children! :) Thanks for sharing!!!

  3. Marqueta,

    Que lindo se ve todo!

    The children look like they look forward to this time together and sharing these moments with you ;)

    Thank you dear friend for sharing our "tea time" with us.

    Muchas bendiciones,

    lady m

    ps: stop by the cottage when you have the time...

  4. Wow! You really keep this place updated! I was very much blessed to vicariously enjoy your tea party. As I said before, the internet can be such a landmine. Honestly, I did not even know there was anything new today, but the post for today made it all the better. Thanks again!

  5. LOVELY.....
    there is nothing so wonderful
    as china tea cups and hot tea!!!!

    Many Blessings~ Miss Jen

  6. Dear Marqueta,
    It is lovely to see the beauty and love that surrounds your sweet family. Precious memories!

  7. Now that is my way to spend an afternoon xoxoxox Clarice

  8. Looks like you all had a wonderful tea time love the blooms on the table and the pictures of the children enjoying the tea! The Tea looks yummy as well! Thanks for sharing ~Many Blessings Heather

  9. Dear Marqueta, I love the pictures. So SO sweet. I love looking at the fun things you do with your children. It brings back memories of when all mine were smaller. I like to think I did my best to enjoy every moment.


  10. how neat! I'm inspired to have a tea time with my daughter! Perhaps I can do something special like this for her birthday that is quickly approaching.

    blessings to you and your family,


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