Wednesday, September 16, 2009

It's Hawthorn-berrying Time!

Dear Friends,

It was so very kind of you to drop by today~we are grateful for every visitor we receive at Merry Hearts Cottage, and for your kind and encouraging comments!

We've been busily gathering Hawthorn berries lately, to use as food and medicine. Wolverine Canyon is loaded with berries this year (if you know where to look).

Although the haw (the name of the berry) is not very sweet, or very juicy, and has hard little seeds inside, it is very good made into a syrup or jam for eating.

Medicinally, hawthorn berries are a famous heart tonic, helping to strengthen that very important organ, which gets strained so much by the stresses of modern life. They lower blood pressure, and help dissolve cholesterol and calcium deposits. Since they lower blood pressure, obviously you wouldn't want to take them for this medical condition! The berries and leaves are also used as a nervine, helping to restore a feeling of well-being after the stresses of the day, and to prevent insomnia (Remember, of course, I'm just an herbwife giving friendly information :) ). Quoting from the lovely book "Backyard Medicine", "Taking hawthorn calms the spirit, and gives good results in menopausal mood swings, restlessness, and anxiety; it will quieten overactive children who have ADHD."

Just lying under a Hawthorn tree seems to have a calming effect!

We are so grateful to our Heavenly Father for providing these wonderful foods and medicine, growing wild and free, all around us. It is such a blessing to see how many provisions have been made for every ill that besets us.

Using Hawthorn berries may make Merry Hearts Cottage an even merrier place!

May your heart be made merry today, as well.




"The Hawthorn Tree"

by Nathan Haskell Dole

At the edge of the hedge is a hawthorn tree,
And its blossoms are sweet as sweet can be,
And the bees are humming there all the day,
And these are the words I hear them say:-
Sweet, sweet is the Hawthorn Tree!


  1. Dear Marqueta,
    I really enjoyed learning more about Hawthorn berries through your writing and photos! Your family is lovely and you find yourself on such beautiful adventures! It truly is an incredible blessing to have these natural medicines available to us in nature!
    Enjoy your week : )

  2. How lovely... :)
    thank you so much for sharing
    in beautiful pictures and words!

    Love~ Jen

  3. I will have to try some hawthorn tea in the future! I think it is wonderful that you know so much about plants and how to use them and then that you share all this wonderful information with others! ~What a blessing....lovely pictures ~Heather :D

  4. Marqueta,

    Que dia tan lindo tuvistes. Si, Nuestro Senor nos da todo lo que nosotros necesitamos!

    con mucho carino,

    lady m

  5. Hello! What a wonderful way to spend the day! I hope you found lots of berries! I would so like to have somewhere to look to find some berries! Laying under the tree would be relaxing too - and it looks like it was a very pleasant day for you all! :)

  6. I give Auberne` hawthorn for her heart. But I have never made syrup. Very interesting. Clarice

  7. That second picture is great. I'm sorry, but I don't know her name, but she sure has a nice smile and head of hair. Thanks for sharing it.



  8. Dear Marqueta,

    Lovely post. I would love to find such a tree close by here. :)



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