Sunday, July 18, 2010

Happy Birthday to Tasha!

Dear Friends,

On the 15th of this month, we celebrated the ninth birthday of our little Mama Bird, Tasha~

Who loves turtles and even made herself a turtle cake!

And even let Evangeline and Frankie (her baby birds) open one of her presents.

We are grateful for the sweet spirit that Tasha brings into our family, and wish her a lifetime of joy.

Today, we are going out to enjoy some fresh air and arnica :)

Blessings to you,



"I believe we start to fail in the home when we give up on each other. We have not failed until we have quit trying. As long as we working diligently with love , patience, and long-suffering, despite the odds or the apparent lack of progress, we are not classified as failures in the home. We only start to fail when we give up on a son, daughter, mother, father, or self:" ~Marvin J. Ashton


  1. Happy B-D to your sweet sweet she let her younger siblings open one of her presents...blessings on your week.....

  2. Happy Birthday Tasha ~ Love your Cake :)~~~~ Blessings Anna & Heather

  3. Oh she is so sweet:-) Happy Birthday Tasha!

  4. Hope your day was grand, Tasha!

  5. My querida amiga,

    Que Nuestro Senor te continue bendiciendo Tasha!

    Feliz Cumpleanos Querida Nina :)

  6. I am so delighted you stopped by! I am enchanted by your blog - I too love Tasha Tudor - she impacted so many lives by her simply living. I will be back for more!
    God Bless you sister,

  7. Happy birthday to a lovely Tasha!
    what a beautiful birthday gift ~now that's a keepsake forever !!
    Warm wishes to you and your family,

  8. Happy Birthday, Tasha! What a lovely gift too. I know you will treasure it for sure.

  9. Dear Marqueta,
    This is for you, so no need to publish it. I am so sorry for the twins look-alike! I have been struggling with my blog, if you read one of my latest posts, and went back to the look I had two years ago. I had no idea it was so similar. I had visited your blog(I found you from Maria) and didn't pay any attention to the look as I was zeroed in on the post. Obviously, I see now that the Lord doesn't want me going back to my original, so I will pray and see where He leads me with it all. I enjoyed your blog and will be back to visit. You have a lovely family and the baby is so precious. God bless you and your family,

  10. Thank you for sharing so many sweet memories ! My first day here,and I enjoyed it so much.
    I Sent an thank you email to the adress i found on your profile ,have a blessed weekend with your lovely family !
    Sincerly,Emma from Europa

  11. A very happy birthday Tasha, our birthdays are only 5 days apart. I hope your dolls had fun on your birthday xoxo Clarice

  12. Dear Mama,
    I Know it is late for this, but,
    thank you you for doing this post.
    I love you and i like you.
    love ~ Tasha


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