Monday, July 12, 2010

Yikes! A Recipe for Comfrey Burn Paste

Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for coming by! We hope that you have had a restful weekend, and are ready to begin a new week. Welcome to any new visitors who might be stopping by for the first time.

We had a scary experience last week, of Evangeline playing with matches in the backyard. She managed to catch her frock on fire, but fortunately AnnaMarie saw her and put out the flames before they could burn her badly.

She ended up with only a small third degree burn where the dress had melted itself to her back (Bad, bad polyester blend! Remind me to use only natural fibers from now on), which is healing nicely, thanks to Dr. Christopher's Burn Paste recipe. We were caught unprepared, but fortunately had all the ingredients at the time Evangeline was burned. Dr. Christopher said to always have some made up ahead of time, which is a very good idea! You never know, especially with summer's fireworks, campfires, etc, when it will come in handy!

Here is the recipe: Mix equal parts liquid honey and wheat germ oil. Then add enough powdered comfrey leaf or root (you can use fresh, but it's a lot runnier) till you have a nice thick paste. This paste is applied quite thickly and covered with gauze and some time of plastic covering to keep it from oozing (it will anyway :) ). As the paste absorbs, you add more paste, but do not remove the paste already on the wound.

We have used this recipe for quite a few scary accidents, and have never been disappointed with the results.
It keeps well for a long period of time, but would last even longer with the addition of a little powdered slippery elm bark powder.

Here is a link to more information about herbs to use for burns~

We are so very glad that Evangeline's guardian angels were watching out for her, so she could be right back out doing what she loves best~

On another note, Jenny had asked me about oily hair and how often it has to be washed. I have read that the more often you wash your hair, the more your scalp will produce oil, from the dryness of the scalp. I know that women used to use a dry shampoo of cornmeal between washings; perhaps that would help absorb the oil if you wanted to start tapering off on how often you wash your hair. I'm sure it may take a while for the scalp to adjust, but I'm almost positive you would see results in time.

A blessed day to all of you, from all of us.




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  1. Marqueta,

    I am sooo glad that it was not worse for your little one. Thank you for the recipe.

    Love, Heather

  2. Oh I am so glad to here she is okay that must have been so scary.....Praying she heals up quickly and completely ~ That Dr. Christopher has some really wonderful herbal stuff!! Adrian and I had such great results from the bone and tissue blend. Thank you for suggesting that to us~ Blessings Love Heather

  3. Oh dear friend...It must have been quite a scary experience for darling Evangeline.

    It is not easy to react calmly in a situation like that. How wonderful that you were able to utilize herbs to take away her pain.

    Praying that everything is going well for her and also for the rest of the family.

    I also liked the link to Dr. Christopher's site. It is very useful!

    Con mucho carino,

  4. Dear Marqueta, I'm very thankful that little Evangeline was not hurt worse! I hope she heals up perfectly. I know she's getting the best of care.

    I have had so little time to work with my herbs this year. Of course I'm doing much crafting, so I cannot complain, but I miss the herbs. :)


  5. So glad that God was watching over your little one...that must of been so scary for all of you....what a blessing that AnnaMarie had quick thinking as to what to do....sometimes others will panic in a situation as that and are unable to render help.....surly the angels were near....blessings to your family...

  6. So thankful that your little one is alright! :)
    Thank you SO much for the recipe!!!

    Love~ Jen

  7. So glad your little Evangeline is okay and back to playing and being a happy little girl! Sometimes children do become oh so curious- on hand that is a wonderful virtue, and on the other- it can be a little dangerous too :o) So glad to hear of a happy ending and how Dr. Christopher's advice helped that burn feel better.
    Blessings, Deanna

  8. Oh my goodness, that could have been nasty. So glad Evangeline escaped unharmed. I think the event could prove to be a blessing in disguise (do you use that phrase in the States?) as Evangeline will always remember it and take more care in to you all, Eli x

  9. Dear Marqeta,
    Glad Evangeline was not too badly hurt.Well done for staying calm. You will all have learnt something by this alarming incident!!
    Blessings to you all,
    Alex x

  10. Oh no, I am so glad Evangeline is not hurt worst. What a wonderful sissy she has. Thank you for the recipe, always good to have xoxo Clarice


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