Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Merry Independence Day Weekend

Dear Friends,

How nice of you to stop by! We hope you had a wonderful, not too toasty weekend~ Ours was actually quite cool, with temperatures in the 70s!

We had the special opportunity of blessing little Rebecca this weekend. She in turn had the special opportunity of wearing her great-grandmother's blessing dress, and a bonnet made from her great-great grandmother's handkerchief. Since she shares the name Mabel with them, she was truly an heirloom baby!

On Saturday morning, the children held their annual Independence Day Doll Parade. They went all out this year, decorating the floats and making gowns for "Miss Merry Hearts" and "Miss Nature".

Elsie Dinsmore portrayed Betsy Ross (although she lost her cap somewhere en route)~

And Sheriff Woody served as Grand Marshall (Shown here with the Modesty Cheerleaders)~

In the afternoon we decided to picnic in Wolverine Canyon, even though it was a bit breezy!

We went for a walk in the woods...

. . .And grabbed some dogwood blossoms to "play with". . .

(And horsetail)

(And sagebrush)

(And mushrooms)

(And sticks)

And saw pretty butterflies. . .

And waded in the creek to cool us off when we were done.

May you have a wonderful, blessed week, dear friends. Even though our house may look like it was hit by "Hurricane Frankie", we hope there will be plenty of time to clean when autumn comes!

Till next time,




"Oh, sacrament of summer days,

Oh, last communion in the haze,

Permit a child to join.

Thy sacred emblems to partake,

Thy consecrated bread to take

And thine immortal wine!"

~ Emily Dickinson


  1. Wonderful...thank you for sharing:)'
    T.D and Company.

  2. I love coming to visit you ..your life seems so sweet...blessings

  3. Dear Marqueta,
    How precious your dear little one looks and all that heirloom sewing, a treasure to have.
    I love seeing the parade with your girls.
    Don't they love to dress them up and do special things with them.
    We usually try to have a Doll and Teddy fair each year based on Tasha Tudor's one.
    Love catching up with you here

  4. You look like you had a wonderful time and the parade looks very festive.

    The little one is growing so fast!


  5. Looks like a wonderful time....everyday it has been getting warmer here and I am wondering what summer will be like it seems summer here is more august september october I keep hearing it will be very hot. Happy 4th and Tell the girls the parade was wonderful ~ Love Heather and Anna ~

  6. How wonderful Marqueta. I love family traditions. They mean so much to the young ones who will inevitably carry them on when they are grown with children of their own. Such a sweet family you make. Love to you all from England. Eli x

  7. Dearest friend,

    It sounds and looks as though you had a wonderful few weeks and 4th of July! How wonderful for the baby blessing! I am so excited that we get to do that in a few months. Truly, your new little one is an heirloom baby! :) What beautiful clothes that have been passed down!

    I loved seeing your fun parade! My girls would have loved that! :) We have a woody doll too - the same one! :)

    And your picnics to Wolverine look divine. Nothing like spending holidays outside in the beauty of God's nature. We did too, and my children always seem to come home happier and healthier! :)

    Have a blessed week ahead dear friend,

  8. Dear Marqueta,

    I look forward to your updates! My, but that wee one is growing fast! I wondered where her lovely middle name came from, and now we know. :)

    The herb gathering looks like fun! Seems that spring has sprung for you. We have had soaring temperatures, and the animals and plants alike are wilting. It is dangerously hot some days and everything is dry, dry, dry! I try not to complain. I worry about our little bunnies. Seems too hot for them, but they'll manage, I guess.

    Take care, friend.

  9. Marqueta!
    I can not tell you how much I love and enjoy to be friends with you in the blogworld! I know our family shares a world of differences and the most wonderful of all is that really there are 'no differences" at all.! How can there be when truly we share in the family of Sisters in Christ!

    Your family is so precious - the kids so cute, that I just want to reach in and give them all a squeeze if a hug!

    What a lovely pic of you and husband too!

    As always, I am so thankful to read your words of encouragement at my blog. They mean so much to me!

    Looking forward to chat again, as I give thanks for the 'blog'friends the Lord has blessed me with.

    Love, Deanna

  10. dear mama,
    i like this post.
    it was a fun parade.
    i liked Rebecca's baby blessing.
    i love you & i like you.
    love ~ tasha

  11. SO beautiful...
    it looks like you had a simply wonderful weekend!

    Love~ Miss Jen

  12. Mi querida amiga,

    What a simply, lovely day you had dear one :)

    The dolls, the joy of children's laughter, the tradition of a blessing...everything just perfect.

    Thank you dear one for sharing it with me :)

  13. dear mama,
    it was a fun independence day i like it. i love you and i like you.
    love ~ tasha


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