Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hair Care, 1895 Style

Dear Readers,

Here is an interesting article from "The Ladies World", July 1895 on caring for the hair~ Enjoy!

"A woman's hair should be long, soft, fine, and abundant, but as to color, fashion must decide. The abundance of hair depends upon the healthy state of the scalp, and not, as some suppose, upon the health of the body. Neglect of the hair is a frequent cause of injury. The hair should be combed with a coarse comb, never with a fine one, and a brush with stiff bristles that reach the scalp, and brush the hair with long, even strokes.

Wetting the hair is condemned unless it is thoroughly dried. If sea bathing is practiced, the hair should be protected with a rubber cap. The hair should be washed once a month with warm water and dried thoroughly with a towel, but without heat, as that injures the hair. The chief requirement is cleanliness, and the best agents are good soap, hot water and occasionally the yolk of an egg rubbed into the scalp.

Oil should be used with discretion, all persons do not need its aid; when necessary, a teaspoonful of olive oil every morning is the finest dressing.

Hair tonics are, as a rule, injurious to the hair. A strong solution of salt and water rubbed into the roots of the hair will prevent its falling out; this should be accompanied with a moderate amount of brushing, say a hundred strokes night and morning, which will take about three minutes.

There is grandmother's receipt of burdock root tea applied to the scalp twice daily, which increases the growth of hair like magic.

Of all that appertains to the body, the hair is the least perishable, and not only protects the head from the heat, but as it is a non-conduct, assists in maintaining an equable temperature. Women may continue to rejoice in their tresses while men do the selecting, for they will not select bald-headed women, and the hair of her offspring will be as abundant as ever, for as Darwin says, a bald-headed woman will never have an opportunity of propagating her deficiency , so that at least there is no danger of baldness affecting the feminine half of the race."




  1. Times sure have changed :)

    The remedies of the oil and egg yolk do work, since I have tried them myself and it keeps my curly hair very healthy and manageable.

    Blessings to you...

    simply, maria.

  2. Marqueta, what a fun article! I love the pictures as much as anything. It reminds me that I need to buy a new hairbrush. I've also been wanting to make a rosemary rinse for my hair. Time... If there was only more time!


  3. How very interesting. I can't go more than a day without washing my blond hair or it turns brown from the oil. Did women of the past deal with this, or since they only washed once a month, was their scalp healthier than mine, therefore not producing oil in copious amounts?

    Do you have any thoughts with your background in natural healing, etc.? I'd love to hear what you think.

  4. What a fun article. Thank you xoxox Clarice

  5. I tried the egg advice when I was very young, but the article I read failed to stress the importance of using cold water. Needless to say, I ended up with the equivalent of a hair omlette!
    I have waist length hair, so it took me hours to pick out all of the little pieces of cooked egg.
    I laugh about it now, but I cried back then.
    ~Miss Riya

  6. Happy sweet new little baby - much too late... oh where have I been?
    Such a beautiful blessing...
    With love, Tonya


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