Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Happy Birthday to AnnaMarie. . . And to Someone Wee

Dear Friends,

Thank you for your well-wishes and prayers for our family~ they must have done their magic, for we were indeed blessed to be able to have our new little one at home, delivered into the loving arms of her father. She was our fourth unassisted homebirth, and was born on AnnaMarie's thirteenth birthday, May 31st.

AnnaMarie's first birthday present, Miss Rebecca Mabel Graham~

Another sister to make birthday cakes and do hair for someday :) .

Audrey wants her for her own! We'll see ;)

So far, Frankie seems fairly unaffected by Rebecca's arrival.

Evangeline says, "Her's cute, isn't her?"~

~And we must agree!

Mother and baby are both doing well, with lots of older sisters to help hold and change the little Miss. People who assume having a large family must be horrible for the mother don't realize how much help those older siblings can be! We feel it a privilege and a blessing to be the parents of both a girl who is quickly approaching womanhood, one who has just begun her life's journey, and all those in between.

May all of us be blessed at this time of life, and embrace those whom the Lord has placed into our lives and hearts.




  1. Many, many congratulations on the arrival of your beautiful little girl!Glad you are all well, too.xx

  2. Oh!! Rebecca Mabel is the cutest little baby girl! What a wonderful blessing for AnnaMarie's thirteenth birthday. I am so happy that you had a homebirth~take good care of yourself and enjoy your little blessing. I wish I could give her a little cuddle! Be blessed my friend, Rose

  3. Beautiful! She definately is sporting the graham lips...congratulations!

  4. so happy for you.
    my husband delivered both of our daughters too.
    so glad you have helpers there like annamarie.

  5. Happy Birthday to both sweet girls! And congratulations to you and your family! What a blessing for you all! May you enjoy this quiet time with your new little one - bonding and snuggling! Wishing you the best! Love,

  6. Congratulations!! So glad she arrived nice and healthy and that there are so many helping hands :)

  7. What a sweet Birthday Present for AnnaMarie! Rebecca is such a pretty baby! Frankie will probably be her biggest defender, as any big brother ought.
    Blessings to you all!

  8. Congratulations to your family and a Happy Birthday to Anna Marie!

    May the Lord continue to bless you all!


  9. Congratulations! Such sweetness, my 1 and only daughter turned 16 on Sunday it goes by so fast!


  10. Congratulations! Another beautiful addition to your beautiful family!


  11. Her is most definitely CUTE!!! Many congratulations to all of you, and welcome, welcome little Rebecca Mabel! God bless you richly. =)

  12. A very Happy Birthday to the girls AnnaMarie and Rebbeca Mabel congratulations on the newest Graham she is beautiful we are so happy to hear of her safe arrival What a blessing!!...~Love Heather and Anna ;D

  13. Oh Mi Querida Amiga,

    Que felicidad!!! La nena es linda, sana y completamente bendecida por Nuestro Senor!

    Rebecca Mabel...que nombre tan bonito. Ahora ya se que mandarte :)

    Todavia estas en la misma direccion, verdad?

    Que Nuestro Senor te mantega siempre. Cuidate mucho mi querida amiga.


  14. Happy Birthday, little ladies, big and small! How absolutely beautiful she is. Truly. Yes, every child we receive is such a blessing. The more the merrier! Rest up, mama and let those little mama's help as much as they would like!

  15. She is absolutely beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing this with all of us!

  16. Congratulations...she is sweet as pie and heaven wishes to your sweet family...God bless

  17. Dear Marqueta and Family,
    I am so pleased you can welcome your sweet litttl baby.
    Congratulations to you all and a special present for Anna Marie.
    Praying for a blissfull and happy next few days as you welcome her into your family
    Blessings and Love

  18. First happy birthday AnnaMarie, what a wonderful birthday you had. I know you are such a blessing to all your sisters and your brother. You are a very special girl.

    Second Congratulations on the birth of Rebecca Mabel. What a beautiful girl and a beautiful name. She is such a doll and I am so happy you were able to have her at home. Rest mama and enjoy. Love Clarice

  19. What a delight to have sisters share a birthday! So glad your well and baby too--rest up and drink in that baby goodness:-)

  20. HOOOOH-RAY! (I couldn't just write "HOOray", because that would be far to boring! Hooh-ray for Ken, Marqueta, Anna-Marie, Audrey, Tasha, Evangeline, Frankie, and Rebecca! (I wrote all those from memory!) I love that picture of Anna-Marie, Audrey, Tasha, Evangeline, and Frankie! They all look amazingly beautiful and handsome! I am glad to hear about the fact that older siblings help with younger ones, because, God willing, I am going to have a whole "slough" someday!

  21. Congratulations and happy birthday to both your sweet girls!

  22. How wonderful! Many blessings to you and your sweet family. Happy Birthday dear AnneMarie and Rebecca!

  23. What a wonderful surprise! The name is just as pretty as the baby. Congratulations!

  24. That's right! Sorry, I forgot to specifically say happy birthday to Anna-Marie!

  25. She is simply BEAUTIFUL....
    what a rich blessing from the Lord!!!
    Congratulations to you and your dear family!!!!!

    Love~ Miss Jen

  26. Happy Birthday to, Anna Marie!!! :)

  27. Rebecca Mabel has a beautiful name and is a beauty herself, and of course would we not have guessed that based on knowing her sweet family!

    Marqueta, I am so happy for you! Michaela and I were looking at our calendar of birthdays (which we need to pay more attention to -- blush, blush) and noticed that she was born on Anna Marie's birthday! How special is that!

    Enjoy this time. Don't worry about anything else. Just enjoy your babies and this time that passes oh too quickly!

    Much Love

    PS - Happy belated birthday to Anna Marie. :)

  28. Congratulations on your new baby girl! My own baby girl was born on June 2nd. Penelope Jane was born at home too.Much joy to you all!

  29. Congratulations to you and your family! What a wonderful blessing to come to your home! She is darling. :)

  30. I'm so glad to hear of this new little soul born to you and Mr. Graham. Rebecca is beautiful and so aware! My best wishes to all of you!


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