Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Random Pictures of Cuteness

Hello, dear friends!

It's much too beautiful a day to spend indoors, but we thought we'd pop in a let you know how much we appreciate your continued friendship and well-wishes, and that we have been missing all of you! We hope that you have been well~ we will be taking a little more of an internet break these next few precious weeks with little Rebecca, soaking up her sweet spirit, and getting the house ready to sell (Still having faith that the perfect home and job are out there for us!).

Meanwhile, here are a few pictures of cuteness for you~

Look who we found under the rhubarb plant when we were harvesting it yesterday~

We've been addicted to rhubarb/apple/strawberry/banana puddings lately~
Here some is bubbling away in our MaryJane's Farm Bakeover pan.
We cook apples and rhubarb in a little almond milk till soft, then puree in the blender along with soaked flax seeds, raw strawberries and bananas, and sweeten with stevia. Yum!

~ How can we keep from calling her "Becky Button Nose"?

Frankie finally decided he dared hold Rebecca~

Frankie says, "Mami, your baby is really cute!"

~But I think he'd like to go play now!

She already smiles and laughs in her sleep~Ahh, baby bliss!

A neighbor brought over dinner with cute apple "ladybugs" for dessert (This one seems to be losing her head!)

What could she be thinking about~
Newborns always look so wise, don't they?

Till next time,




  1. such wonderful pictures.

    Waiting can be so hard, but when the time finally comes it makes it so much sweeter. I pray you job and home situation are resolved soon.


  2. Dear Marqueta,

    If those are not pictures of cuteness, then there is no such thing! I love all of them. I think Rebecca looks like an Eloise Wilkin baby.

    The rhubarb looks so good. It does not grow well here because it's so hot, though I do have one plant hanging in there and we'll see what happens at harvest time.

    As far as Frankie, I love the picture of him sort of scratching his head. I remember those looks from my boys when new babies came home!

    Rest and enjoy.


  3. How Sweet indeed! Have a Blessed week my friend ~Love Heather

  4. Hello Marqueta!
    So glad you are finally having some nice weather! It sure makes one feel better after cooped up for so long with a long winter and cold, wet spring! We are finally having our second day in a row of sunshine!

    Is that one of the baby robins under the rhubarb plant?

    "Becky" is just adorable! And how nice that Frankie thinks so too! ;~P

  5. My goodness...love abounds! I think my favorite photo of "Becky Button Nose" is the sepia photo. There really is nothing like a newborn. Such a gift from our Lord.

  6. Mi Querida Amiga,

    Que felicidad de tener bebes en la casa!

    La nena esta creciendo :D Esos ojos luminosos...y se ve tan saludable. Una bendicion de Nuestro Senor!

    No te preocupes, EL sabe lo que tu linda familia necesita. EL los tiene cerca y lo unico que ustedes tienen que hacer...creer :)

    Con mucho carino,


  7. Precious....blessings to your family for all things good from our Lord...

  8. What can I say Marqueta, I've been so tied up with happenings here that I completely missed the arrival of your sweet little girl. What an absolute treasure she is. Everyone reading your posts from now on will be longing for a 'cuddle'. So many girls and so much hair to comb...what fun, (I love that idea)! Dear Frankie might feel he's the odd one out right now but I reckon he'll be completely spoilt by all his sisters. Gentle kisses for sweet Rebecca and love to you all from England. Eli x

  9. Dear Marqueta,
    Rebecca is beautiful. Such an angel. Make sure you are taking care of yourself xoxo Clarice

  10. What a sweet, sweet post! Your baby is adorable. newborns are such sweet little bundles.



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