Tuesday, February 15, 2011

It Was a Merry Valentine's

Dear Friends,

A happy day to you! We had such a fun time yesterday, enjoying the company of our sweet mother-and-father-and-sister-in-law, that we wanted to share it with you.
~*Grandma and Grandpa Graham*~

Aunt Shannon and her date, Frankie (She says she normally likes taller men, but she made an exception this time, just for us.)~

 Chinese stir-fry, soba noodles, brown rice, and spring rolls were the entree~

 Oops! It looks like we mis-judged Grandpa's height a bit~

 Before dinner (which was served restaurant style by the oldest girls) there was a musical program, put on by the Graham Sisters.

And before the program there were little gifts of unsweetened organic chocolate with agave-sweetened gummy bears (they taste yummy together)! We are grateful that there are many sugar-free treats available today.

We were so glad that it was sunny enough yesterday to air out the cottage and play outside, since it looks like this outside today.

But for every weather there is an activity, and today finds us sorting through papers, cutting scraps of wood to make a fairy village, and finishing our dress and a quilt for Audrey!

We were asked for more information about our diet. We are, for the most part, vegetarians, just because our bodies don't do well with meat (It makes AnnaMarie's feet tingle, which is not good for a diabetic). We do eat it on occasion, and certainly would never judge anyone else who does! My father was an avid hunter and meat-eater, and I love wild game, but I can tell that my body is more sluggish after eating it. Sometimes when I have morning sickness, I do crave it (especially fish), and honor my body's cravings.

We do use meat substitutes such as Morning Star Farms and Quorn brands, but only occasionally, as they taste a little too "processed" for everyday use. We focus on getting as much fresh produce in our diets are possible, and are really looking forward to spring with its abundance of greens and mushrooms!

We wish you and yours the very best today, from all of us at Birdsong Cottage.




  1. Oh Marqueta,

    What fun you all must have had!

    The dinner looked delicious and your precious little girl...oh my goodness, she looks as if she truly enjoyed her treat - :-)

    Bendiciones mi querida amiga!


  2. I see a little one who loves chocolate as much as I do!

  3. What a lovely day you had in Birdsong Cottage!!
    Thank you for sharing it with us, my friend.
    God's grace..Trish

  4. You're making such wonderful memories for your children Marqueta! I became a vegan about 9 months ago. I feel a lot better, and would recommend it to anyone. They just don't have the texture down on vegetarian "meats" though do they?

  5. Hi Marqueta,

    It sounds like you all had a splendid Valentine's evening. Dinner looked very yummy and you can never have enough chocolate in my opinion! Hugs Dev x

  6. I'm so glad you had a lovely time. We live too far from our parents for special treats like this, but we get to visit every two months or so.

    Thank you for visiting my blog. You may copy me anytime. I get most of my ideas from sweet blogs like this one. This is why we share!

    Have a beautiful day!

  7. Oh Marqueta, what a splendid time was had by all. I loved those tiny Valentine children so much that I wouldn't know which to choose for my sweetheart. Thanks for popping into the Patch. I laughed at your comment about Charlie Brown as you mirrored my thoughts precisely. I'd love to see Audrey and some of your other lovelies learning to knit as I'm sure at least one would enjoy it. Perhaps they could be tempted by one of the free patterns in my sidebar. Meanwhile the new little ladies are nearly ready and so very easy as there is nothing to do except knit straight pieces. Love to you all, Eli x

  8. Dear Marqueta and children,

    It looks like you all had a fun Valentine's Day! Especially sweet little Rebecca with all that chocolate!

    Your friends,
    Diane and daughter Sarah at the Corgyncombe Courant

  9. I am a little late but happy Valentines day. You are very smart to listen to your body, we all need to do that xoxoxo Clarice


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