Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Love (and Snow) is in the Air~

 Good morning, dear friends, and a happy February to all of you! We hope that you are all staying warm and dry today. We are having a blizzard here today, which is a perfect time for staying home and making lots of Valentine's for all of our friends (doll and human).

Tasha is making an "Alice in Wonderland" paper puppet theatre!
There is something about swirling snow that is other-worldly, like being inside an enormous snow globe that has just been shaken. When the "feathers" fly outside, we feel the urge to feather our nest, adding special touches here and there to show our loved ones that we do indeed love them.

We discovered a way to keep our "Victoria" Magazines out of the little one's reach
Put them inside a lovely wreath!

The birds are driven to the feeders with the weather, which is hard on them, but a blessing for us, as we can have the opportunity to study them much closer!

This Carolina Wren is after the suet cake we have on the deck~ 

While the titmice (who tie with the wrens for our new favorite cute little bird :) ) prefer the seeds in AnnaMarie's homemade feeder out back~
We will be busily sewing extra diapers for Rebecca and making goodies for the larder, anticipating any power outages that might inconvenience us, and enjoying a little Mozart with our first tea in this beautiful season that celebrates Love.

May your week be a blessed one, wherever you are, dear ones, and may you feel the love of Him who loves without reserve.




  1. Oh my look at all that snow!! So glad you are inside having so much fun!1 Clever girls such a lovely magazine rack~ Happy February stay warm ~Love Heather

  2. Where getting so much snow here too today--and more tomorrow! Good idea to start the Valentine's:-)

  3. We are having rainstorms here. Not so much thunder yet at least. Lots and lots of rain. But it makes the house cozy like your blizzard.

    Lovely Valentines and birds. I love the Tufted Titmouse I have not seen any here but on the coast we had them all over. We have a pair of chickadees visiting off and on today, chipping sparrows, and a male and female cardinal.

    Hope you have a lovely day.


  4. Oh what a wonderful day to spend a snowy day!!
    Lovely wreath, I love how you added your Victoria Magazines. Aren't the old February issues beautiful?
    Poor little birdie, I always feel sorry for animals in cold and rainy/snowy weather!

  5. I think it's a perfectly wonderful way to spend a snowy day! I love the Valentine's wreath! Such a joy to stop by your blog today! Love, Emily

  6. I have been thinking of all you folks in the Midwest and 'back East' and the monstrous storm you are (or will be soon) experiencing!
    Saying a prayer for all of you to be safe and warm in your cozy little nest ~ abiding in the shelter of His wings!
    Be Blessed!

  7. Happy February to you, too! I love the wreath!!! Beautiful!

  8. It is soooo cold here too! The storm is due to hit us in the morning (W-NY)
    What a grand day you have spent
    with your family ;-)
    Warm Hugs and Blessings,Linnie

  9. Hello Marqueta, it does look rather chilly at your house!
    I'm sweltering in our hot summer, while you are having all that lovely snow :-)
    I love the Victoria magazines too -especially the older issues.
    I've collected them since about 1991. The February edition is always very sweet!
    Have a wonderful valentine making day.

  10. Happy February to you too ;]. Wreath really nice. ;)

  11. Enjoy your warm and cozy home while making Valentines! :)


  12. What a very sweet way to spend a blizzard xoxox Clarice

  13. I just wanted to say hello from the UK and say what a pleasure it has been to read your blog. I am very curious about your lifestyle choices and look forward to reading more about you and your family. Dev x

  14. p.s. I have just realised that I share the same birthday as your daughter Evangeline, which is a pretty name by the way. Dev x

  15. Dear Marqueta,

    What snow!! You look snug inside though, making valentines! That looks like so much fun. I want to do a little valentine tree with Michaela, but we better hurry up! Don't you just love the birds!



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