Friday, February 11, 2011

Lessons From the Thrift Store

Dear Friends,

Thank you for coming by Birdsong Cottage for another visit~ Let me get you a cup of tea! :)

(First we'll have to clear the dress-and-quilt-in-progress off of the couch, though!)

We are busily preparing for Valentine's. We have invited the Grandparents Graham over for a romantic in-house restaurant experience (the girls do this for us every year), so we've been decorating with hearts and flowers, and making up menus and place cards!

There will even be live entertainment!
While treasure-hunting at the thrift store today, I couldn't help but notice how most folks were walking around with a scowl on their face, just out of habit. Suddenly, I heard two ladies coming up behind me, happily conversing about this and that. I turned around to let them pass, and noticed that one of them was missing a leg, and had to support herself with crutches. Immediately the little poem "I had the blues because I had no shoes, Until on the street I met a man with no feet" came to mind.

How many times do we focus on the little "grumbles" of life, while walking around on two perfectly good legs! And how about those eyes that we can see with, and the ears to hear the song of the birds!

Another lady approached the two happy ladies, and told them that her mother had just had a leg amputated. She said that her mother was in a wheelchair and didn't think that she could be mobile again. The ladies informed her that there wasn't anything the one could do that the other couldn't, even with her crutches. They both attested that life can be wonderful, even with such a great handicap.

My heart burned within me, as I pondered on the lesson that they had taught me that day.

May this little story bless your lives today, as well.




  1. What a timely lesson Marqueta! I hope y'all have a wonderful valentines day!

  2. What an inspiration!! Thanks for sharing your "nugget" with us. ;0)

    Have a wonderful Valentine's dinner! Sounds precious. Have the camera handy! ;0)

  3. How wonderful all your decorations and preperations(did I spell that right?lol) for Valentines. Looks like a lovely dress is in the works! That is some story you told I had something happen to me at the thrift store as well which was a good faith lesson. That is very good advice I am glad I read this, thanks for sharing I am feeling so grumpy today. It is important to remember how blessed we are ~Have a Wonderful Valentines ~Love Heather

  4. Thanks for matter how bleak our situation,someone is always in a much tighter spot than is best to focus on the positive things in our life...count our blessings not,our troubles...thanks for the reminder of what is most important...blessings on your Birdsong Cottage...

  5. I call those moments..."God's moments!" He uses everything to bring His joy to us.

    How wonderful that your humble cottage is getting ready for Valentine's Day. Here in the cottage, we are getting over the little girl is the one to have it now, so we will be celebrating in a more quiet manner.

    I am looking forward to seeing the creation of the lovely gown...



  6. Marqueta~
    It is always such a joy to come visit your blog ~ I feel like I am a welcome visitor at your sweet Birdsong Cottage! You are always cheerful and so encouraging to others ~ me! Thank you!
    Your girls are such little sweethearts to prepare such a delightful evening for their parents and now grandparents! Their servants heart is truly admirable! Not many children would be so thoughtful these days!
    Your thrift store story is such a lesson for us all, isn't it?
    Thank you for sharing it. And YOU are a blessing to me today!
    P.S. I am hoping you will stop by and play my little Valentine Giveaway Game. It ends Monday!

  7. Isn't it amazing how God puts these lessons in our paths:-) I can't wait to see your dress and hear all about your Valentine's Day celebration!

  8. Such a lovely lesson, thank you for sharing.

    The kids and I are off the yard sale with my mom on this brisk morning.

    Ashley said," Books and fabric!"
    We love hunting around for treasures.

    Love Erika

  9. Hello Marqueta and thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. You have chosen some very pretty material for a dress and I am really looking forward to seeing the finished piece. Is it for you?

    We woke to blue skies this morning and the wonderful dawn chorus. So refreshing and made the day perfect.

    Have a lovely weekend and Happy Valentine's day to you all. dev

  10. Thank you for that today! I really needed that! I was feeling a little down today, and that was a blessing. I need to ask the Lord to forgive me for taking forgranted all the blessings He has given me!


  12. That was wonderful Marqueta! There are lessons to be learned everywhere.

  13. What a wonderful lesson! Thank you for sharing your insights!

  14. What a sweet lesson! I often see older couples in the grocery store just a' arguing with one another as they go through the isles and it really breaks my heart. BUT, when ever my husband and I can steal away to a nice dinner at a resturant I almost always see an older couple engaged in conversation with gentle faces, and a twinkle in their eyes and then... my husband wonders where my mind just wandered off too.... and I tell him how I love to see the 'older' couple still in such love- and that it makes me dream of our days to come in time! .... My comment is a little off from what you shared about your thirft store 'lesson'- but this was the first thought that I had after I read this post so I thought I would share :O) lol!
    Blessings, Deanna


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