Saturday, February 5, 2011

A Visit to the Wornall House

Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for coming over today~ Our snow from the blizzard has begun to melt away, but they say that six inches or so are coming tomorrow. It seems that we've brought our Idaho snow with us to Missouri! We don't mind, though, since it is so beautiful and we have our own sledding hill here. :)

Yesterday we had the opportunity to go visit a historic home in Kansas City that became a makeshift hospital during the Civil War.

It was home to the Wornall family, who were farmers that made their fortune supplying wheat, corn, and pork to the pioneers heading west.

Don't forget to leave your card in the tray!

We would LOVE to try some hearth cooking!

The elegant yet simple dressing table, complete with hair receiver and hair jewelry.

A cozy corner for a mother to dream in while rocking the baby~

Beautiful and elegant clothing in the clothes press~
We loved so much touching and feeling the energy of time-worn things that were loved long ago~ At one point, Evangeline threw her arms around me and said, "Mommy, can we have this house?"

Home Sweet School

Ah, the latest Godey's has just arrived in the post!

Our hostess Margarite did a wonderful job taking us through the home and explaining things to us~ And she's from Idaho, too! 

I was allowed to play the grand old piano, which must way at least a ton~ I felt like Marianne Dashwood (almost).

This doll-sized house is an exact duplicate of the Warnall House; quite amazing!

 Gentleman's and lady's chairs in the parlor~ The lady's chair has no arms and a straight back to make room for the cage crinolines of the 1860s.

This wreath was made out of the hair of family members. We hear that the world's only hair museum is located in nearby Independence!

We hope that you enjoyed the tour as much as we did! Of course, pictures can never convey the true atmosphere of a grand old home. We came away with a renewed desire to leave a legacy of refinement, grace, and familt love that will last long after we have left this earthly life behind.

Love and blessings to you all,



  1. Visiting this lovely house with you, brought back memories of my "old" big house. The antiques in this one are just beautiful.

    How thrilling that you were able to play the piano and totally enjoy the loveliness of the place.

    I like the picture of you and that very "stylish" coat :-)

    Thank you for taking me with you...Maria.

  2. Ooooo! Marqueta!
    What a GREAT tour! THANKYOU for bringing me with you!!!
    Wonderful pictures!! I think I shall be coming back to look again. I want to live in that house!
    Hugs from Linnie ;-)

  3. Hi Marqueta!
    Oh, I love to tour historic homes and the Wornall House is simply divine! The piano is 2die4! I'm with Evangeline ~ I would love to live there, too!
    A hair museum? That would be really interesting. I wonder just how many things are made from hair! :~O
    You are such a sweetie! You always end your posts with such a pleasant analogy and demeanor! I love visiting with you!
    Stay blessable!

  4. Marqueta,

    Thanks for sharing this lovely old home. What a neat place. I will have to add it to my places to visit when we are in MO.

    I hope you are staying warm!

    Love, Heather

  5. How wonderful!! That looks like a splendid way to spend a cold day~ Thanks for sharing all those pictures and bringing us along ~Love Heather

  6. What a wonderful time! Thank you for taking the time to take us on the tour with you and your family! I love outings like these... to go back into history is such a treat!
    Blessings, warmth, and love, deanna

  7. A hair museum sounds very strange. I don't think I have heard of that one before. I wonder what thay have on display there? Here in the UK we have lots and lots of stately and grand homes, a lot of which are owned by The National Trust. We have lots of castles too and I live near Dover Castle. It's a great place to visit, if a bit pricey, but then what isn't these days. Do a google search and read about it's history especially during the War. Enjoy your day today. dev x

  8. What a beautiful old home!
    That was delightful, Marqueta. Thank you for showing us through these lovely rooms.
    The hair jewelry is amazing!
    I love the way the rooms were set out with clothing etc as it might have been back then :-)
    Very pleasant indeed!
    I don't blame your little one for asking if you could buy it lol!
    bless you..Trish

  9. Dear Marqueta,

    Oh my! A wreath of family hair! I do say!

    I loved the tour. I always want to buy the house on tours like that too! Life was so simple. We have many blessings that they did not have, but we have lost something in the complicated technology we have infused into our daily lives, even though, ironically, there are some blessings to be had in that too. But it seems family time has been lost somehow. I suppose it is moderation and obedience and care that keep us grounded in any time!


  10. What a lovely visit.

    We have visited Beauvior, Jefferson Davis' last home it had lovely original furnishings and history. We loved the big old house right on the water. But Hurricane Katrina destroyed it most of the artifacts were lost. They even had the horse drawn hearse that was used for his funeral.

    It has slowly been rebuilt but it will not be the same. They have a Confederate grave yard and several acres you can explore. We have not been since before the storm.

    We don't drive down there anymore it is just to sad to still see so many things gone that we loved. We now live 50 miles north of there we were right on the coast during the storm.

    Love Erika

  11. Dear Marqueta and children,

    What a lovely old house! Thanks for taking us along on the visit!

    Your friends,
    Diane and daughter Sarah at the Corgyncombe Courant

  12. Margueta,

    My beloved and I recently purchased an 1880 home on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and are so excited to live a simpler life. We are leaving behind our life in the Philadelphia Suburbs and raising our 3-year-old the old-fashioned way, with a deep appreciation for nature and simplicity. Your blog has at the very least make me feel that I am not the only one who gets that this world has become way too complicated.

    Hugs, Gayle

    P.S. It gets even better - I quit my job and am selling chocolate for a living!


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