Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Merry Saturday to You!

Dear Friends,

Welcome to Birdsong Cottage today! As it's a little chilly and cloudy today, it's a great day for a cup of tea and a visit. :) From your comments, it sounds as if everyone is busy as beavers, creating wonderful memories for yourselves and your families! May we all be blessed in our daily endeavors.

We are so thankful that Mr. Graham put in a clothesline at the cottage last Saturday. Mr. Graham says that "There's something about a clothesline that makes a house feel more like home," and we couldn't agree more.

This quilt was a $3 and some needle and thread bargain at the thrift store.
We were excited to find a butter churn and pitcher at the thrift store yesterday, as we are planning on having milk goats when we next move. Now we can practice first! :)

On the garden front, we put in chard, mustard, and kale seeds yesterday, and it looks like we'll have a good crop of dandelions, too. Just the thing for cleaning out the blood stream after a long winter!
Little Bilbo Baggins loves to be outside (as long as someone is with him), so we're happy that the weather has been mostly nice enough to spend outside, doing some quality artwork on the patio.

Little Becky Button Nose has begun taking a few steps here and there, and is as pleased as punch with herself. Pretty soon her two top teeth will pop through, and we'll be happy to have her feeling better when they do. :)

Look out, world!
May you all have a pleasant day; don't forget to watch for the extra big full moon at sunset!




  1. It looks like everyone is enjoying your new home and getting ready for springtime!


  2. This might sound funny, but one of the reasons I fell in love with my little cottage is because it had a clothesline just like my childhood home! Great buys when you went a-thrifting! Our stores have been pretty bare lately. Wonder if it's a sign of the times? The only thing that is up in our garden is rhubarb. But that's because the snow just melted yesterday :) Rhubarb has to be the hardiest plant on planet Earth!

  3. Isn't it nice to have some sun. What great finds!! xoxox Clarice

  4. I love to hang laundry outside something so simple and basic about it.

    Very lovely quilt.

    Have a lovely Saturday.

    Love Erika

  5. Wonderful thrift store finds...the quilt is very lovely indeed....I always love visiting your sweet home...blessings
    I am curious as to how to cook the dandelions.

  6. Looks like a wonderful Saturday over at the cottage...I have got to get a clothesline up. My Dad bought me one of those free standing ones but it always blows over in the wind...I think that will be a good project when it warms up. Becky button nose is looking as cute as a button...Sending you a warm spring greeting from California to your family from ours~Love Heather

  7. Oh! How wonderful, Marqueta, to get a clothesline! I just hung a few things out on mine today (between rain showers!) It makes everything smell so fresh and airy~ just like springtime!
    And OH MY! What a sweet butter churn and pitcher!!! That will make churning so pleasant and a lovely pitcher for the buttermilk!
    Are you planning to move again soon? Did I miss something along the way?
    I need to get some things planted too, but these morning frosts have made me a little apprehensive just yet.
    Your little Bilbo Baggins is so precious! I just love those little dogs! They always seem to be full of happiness!
    Little Miss Becky is growing so! My, how time flys!
    Well, it's just getting dark and I am headed out to see if I can spot that moon!
    Have a blessed weekend, my friends!

  8. What a beautiful butter churn dear friend...and the children look like they are truly enjoying themselves.

    Thank you for sharing....


  9. Warm sun and blue skies here at the Fairyglade this weekend. Managed to dry my washing outside for the first time this year. Also sat in the sun and did a little bit of sewing, whilst listening to the birds singing...sheer bliss.

    That is a lovely quilt and part of me finds it sad that someone could part with something this lovely but then I don't know the circumstances.

    Have a wonderful week all of you. Dev x

  10. Well Mr Bilbo Baggins looks like he is well adapted to his SWEET Family! ;-)
    What perfect finds!! The Lord is such a wonderful provider!
    We are finally showing some Spring our way (happy deep breath smile)
    Happy Happy Day!
    Blessings, Love and Lot's of Hugs!! Linnie

  11. Dear Mama,

    I love you so much! I like the clothesline, as well, too! The quilt is very pretty.

    I Love You!


  12. Dear Marqueta and Children,

    We just love your little dachshund!
    I've had two myself and they were the cuddliest, sweetest things!
    The quilt looks lovely hanging out on your line!

    Your friends,
    Diane and daughter Sarah at the Corgyncombe Courant

  13. I'm glad that I could be of service by putting up the clothesline for you my dear. The new quilt that you found looks rather quite pleasant and right at home on the line now doesn't it.

  14. Dear Mami,
    I like the post! It is fun draw with chalk! I love you and I like you.

    Love ~ Tasha

  15. Your design is beautiful. If I may ask where did you find it? Feel free to visit my blog


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