Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Happy Birthday to Frankie!

 Dear friends,

Thank you as always for stopping by; you brighten our day in every way! :)

Two days ago, a certain little man had his fourth birthday~

 Can you guess what one of his favorite presents was?

 But his old-fashioned mother's most favorite present was a very special book called "Hopalong Jack", by Jeri Landers!
If you have never seen Jeri's blog "Hopalong Hollow Gazette", be sure to hop over and visit! 

"Hopalong Jack" even inscribed the book for Frankie~

We put some of Frankie's toys to good use as a battleground/farm (can you see the tiny farm animals?) on his birthday cake~

And his old-fashioned mother got him a couple of toys for his very own, too!
We are so blessed to have a little fire ball of a son to balance all the female energy in our home; what would life be without him?

On another note, we were tickled to receive a blog award from Amy at The Happy Peasant blog, which is now featuring her beautiful new little goats; you must go take a peek! Thank you, Amy, for your encouraging words.

Have yourselves a wonderful day, everyone.




  1. Happiest of Birthday's to Frankie!
    I cannot imaging what the glowing green light present is? It certainly is mesmerizing, though, I must say!
    Oh, my! That Hopalong Jack book looks so enticing! I must check into that for my grands! How fun for Frankie to have an *autographed* book!
    The cake looks like every boys' dream! Just as much fun to play with as to eat!
    What a very clever mother you are to incorporate some gardening tools into the gifts. They will be so much fun to *play* with he won't even know he is helping!
    Looks like he thoroughly enjoyed himeself on his birthday! 4 years old already. Where does the time fly to?
    Blessings to your entire family this day!

  2. A very happy B-D to your sweet little man...blessings

  3. A very Happy Birthday to your little guy!


  4. Dear mama,

    I bet Frankie can't decide which weapon he likes best-- the Lightsaber, or the gun! I LOVE YOU!


  5. Oh Happy Birthday Sweet Boy!

    How wonderful that you are surrounded by so much love :)

    May Our Lord continue to bless you and keep you dear one.

    ~ Maria ~

  6. Ooooo! HAPPY HAPPY-Hoppy HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mr Frankie!!! Looks like you had a GRAND Day!!!

    You are soooo BLESSED to have an Old Fashioned Mommy ;-)

    Blessings and Lots and Lots of LOVE, Linnie

  7. Hey Frankie, Happy birthday 2 days later! What a handsome guy he is, I just wanna pick him up and squeeze!

    I too love having the daffodils early. Here, we had them in the middle of March and the Tulips opened a few days ago.I used to live in Colorado where winters were long and hard. I love the South!

  8. How Wonderful Frankie!! 4 is a fantastic age!! A very Happy Birthday to you ~Love Heather

  9. Dear Marqueta and Children,

    Happy Birthday Greetings to Frankie! He looks adorable in his sailor suit! He will love "Hopalong Jack" forever! Frankie looks so happy outside with his birthday tools! Wow, barefoot and your grass is green! We are due another Nor'Easter with more snow!

    Your friends,
    Diane and daughter Sarah at the Corgyncombe Courant

  10. Happy birthday Frankie, you sweet little bundle of joy! As a mother of boys only, I have a soft spot for them (especially little boys that love Star Wars!).

  11. I'm so happy to find your blog! It is lovely to look through.

  12. Looks like Frankie had a wonderful day on his birthday. Where does the time go, my daughter turned 12 this year and I am not sure how that happened without me noticing! So important to keep them in their childhood as long as possible. Not easy nowadays when there are so many pressures on them. Have a wonderful weekend. It is Mother's Day here in the UK on Sunday, is it the same in the USA? Warm wishes Dev x

  13. Happy birthday Frankie, my what a birthday you had!! You are a very lucky boy!!! xoxoxo Clarice

  14. This is my THIRD attempt at wishing Frankie a belated birthday today! What a handsome lttle fella.


    When my son Obie was little, I got a pair of cheap plastic light sabers that would shoot out to full length. He would go with me to my clinic each day, and sometimes my client's faces were priceless when they would walk in and see their massage therapist helping to fight the evil empire!

  15. Dear Marqueta, just look at that sweet boy! Can he really be four!? The old fashioned things are sweet. I say 'tis a gift to have an old fashioned mother!

    Love the pictures of your walks. The snakes are fascinating! But you would know my delight in discovering something of that sort.

    You look like a young girl out there with your children! Enjoy it, dear!

    Well, gotta run. Work to be done.

    Love you,


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