Friday, March 11, 2011

Peaceable Days at Home

Dear Friends,

Thank you for coming by today, and welcome to our new friends who are coming by for the first time today!

It is a beautiful, sunny, breezy day here in Missouri, and we are enjoying the fresh air coming in the doors and windows. What a blessing to have days like this, spent at home, pottering around the house.

We finally finished the dress we started before Valentine's Day, and have paired it with a pretty collar that we found for fifty cents at our favorite thrift store. Dressing up is such fun!

We have been rearranging our bookshelves, and appreciating again all the old books that we have been blessed to find. There is something sweet about reading the words of those who have long gone; the language and intention were so different from modern books. If you want to learn about the past, do not read history books; read what people in the past put on paper! It is a fascinating study that can be life-changing as one absorbs the spirit of long-ago.
 Our clothespin doll is almost done, too. Tasha  named him Matthew, after Matthew Cuthbert of Green Gables. Do you like his muscular shoulders?

We put up a tire swing on one of the big silver maples out front, which adds to the happiness of a home in such a simple way. One of our dreams before we moved was to have a big tree in the yard; how thankful we are to have three out front and several out back! And to think they'll have leaves someday! :) 

We have put in some pea seeds and mixed greens along the fence and in a raised bed. Hopefully the critters leave us enough to eat!

What have you been creating today?




  1. The dress came out lovely and the collar pulls it all together so beautifully! You can see grass!We're just seeing a tiny bit..LOL! I am knitting Eli from Flutterby Patch's doll Lucy Lavender and am making chicken soup for a sick mom and my mom--lots of creating:-) Have a great weekend Marqueta!

  2. Oh Marqueta, your dress is just beautiful. Well done, now I want one !!! I am writting. xoxox Clarice

  3. Hello dear friend! It sounds like you are enjoying the first of Spring around you! The dress is just beautiful! I love pink - and the collar is so pretty! I love the clothes pin doll as well! Hugs to you all!

  4. Such a pretty dress! Anne of Green Gables is one of my favorite books. My son had a tree swing growing up. They loved that big tree so much they named him Charlie. We spent many pleasant summer afternoons beneath him picnicking and reading.

  5. Such a pretty dress and the collar for 50 cents..I so wish that we had thrifty stores like yours here in the UK! I am intrigued by the peg doll, have you made them before? As for books, well I don't think I could live without them. A house with no books on the shelves must be a very empty house I feel. Have a lovely weekend. Hugs Devx

  6. Marqueta,
    You look lovely - the dress is very pretty!
    The collar is a good match for it too. Well done :-)
    I think Matthew's 'muscles' are very unique lol!!
    Have a blessed day in Jesus..Trish

  7. Mi Querida Amiga,

    Te ves tan bonita! Ese color es precioso con tu piel morena...en verdad salio muy bonito.

    Y estoy totalment de acuerdo contigo, los libros de historia do dicen toda la tiene que leer las vidas de las personas que vivieron durante ese tiempo.

    Pasa un gran fin de semana...


  8. Marqueta, I'm so glad you visited my blog. I'm enjoying visiting you and I've become your newest follower.

  9. Hey! Long-time-me-no-say, "I love you!" And I'm definitely making up for lost time here! I love the dress, and I didn't know your hair what THAT LONG! But I LOVE it! Then I got SUCH A JOLLY BELLY LAUGH OUT OF MATTHEWS MUSCULAR SHOULDERS! That should about secure my love for ever, I would have to say!

  10. Oh such a PRETTY dress!
    Dressin up is fun ;-)
    I LOVE all your old books. I know what you mean about the sweetness of reading from times past.
    Hugs and Blessings Linnie

  11. Your such a SWEETIE :-)and your girls too!
    Wouldn't it be so grand to all live on the same Lane? I so adore this wonderful blogging community!
    I would love to have a paint party!
    Hugs Linnie

    PS I'm glad you don't cut your hair.
    I don't cut mine neither smile!

    Oh and PS ps (did ya read my comment about the Herb book last week)? (Jethro Kloss)

  12. Oh it's been too long since I've stopped by for a visit, and I am so glad that I have now. How wonderful things seem to be coming along at your new cottage! The tree out front is gorgeous and the tire swing looks like so much fun! In previous posts of yours I saw glimpes of the back yard too- what a wonderful playground for the children!

    The dress you have one is very loves and what a super find for fifty cents- what an elegant collar.

    I am glad to read that things are coming along peaceably with the transitions you and your family have just went through, your blog really inspires me. You, inspire me. Thank you.

    Love & blessing in the Lord,
    PS- can't forget the picture of the old books- old books are some of my favorite thing, I love to open and smell books, the old ones and the new ones, lol.

  13. Marqueta

    Such a lovely dress. I love having the windows open to let spring in.

    The dog looks very dapper. I am happy you are feeling better.


  14. Dear Marqueta,
    So nice to check in with you - you look so beautiful in your dress. I also love so many of the old books.
    Warm wishes,

  15. See that,I just new you were a back to Eden book gal, hee!
    love Linnie

  16. Oh, Marqueta, the dress is absolutely lovely, as is the beautiful woman wearing it! I also love old books, new books, red books, blue books--heck, I just love BOOKS! If you ever get to Denton,Texas, go by RECYCLED BOOKS AND RECORDS on the square. You will find many treasures in this great bookstore. We always make a pilgrimage there when we visit. Lookin' forward to your next letter!

  17. Dear Marqueta, your dress is so pretty! I love the pink and I love the collar!

    I wholeheartedly agree with what you said about old books. Very wisely stated. We love old books here and we need to pull them off the shelf more and more.

    I hope the critters leave you some green food! :)


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  19. The dress is wonderful - the collar is a terrific find - I have been working on some pillow covers and trecking in the woods - had a wonderful day,
    Thank you for sharing your amazing post,

  20. I have always wanted to put up a tire swing, but with all the trees around here, there is NOT a one with a branch at the correct angle for hanging the swing. Have fun in yours!

  21. Mama--

    I LOVE your dress- it's so pretty! I love spring, too. Matthew is so "Sharp=dressed!" :)

    I love you alot1


  22. I see you gave your blog a make over since I visited last. Looking good! Love the new font.


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