Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Golden Days

Dear Friends,

A happy late Mother's Day to all of you, whether you are mothers physical or spiritual! We had a busy day yesterday, going to church, then singing for the lonely, forgotten folks at a local nursing home. Then we came home and readied the house for my in-laws, to come over for dinner.

Mr. Graham gave me a beautiful bouquet and watermelon for Mother's Day (he knows me pretty well!), and the girls and Frankie gave me some sweet flowers, too.


 My mother-in-law gave me a basket of marigolds for the garden~

Today we recovered by going thrift store shopping and finding "new" treasures. :) Would you like to see some of them?
A trio of dinner bells~

 A vase to match a teacup I had found earlier~

Beautiful old teacups and saucers, too fragile to use!

A sweet old "mother" cup from the 1950s~

Pretty old bottles to put herbal vinegars in~

And a beautiful soap dispenser with a farm scene and flower/candle holder~
Each of these things were under three dollars (most under one dollar)~ I feel very blessed and excited each time I find a special treasure; they really are out there! I also bought a whole bag full of books for $5, and found a desk and bookcase set for under $20 on Saturday. Now to get those marigolds in the ground; may you have a beautiful day, dear friends.




  1. Wonderful finds! And yes! Wonderful Mother's Day gifts! I was telling a friend yesterday that some women want jewels for Mother's Day, but give me something to help me be self-sufficient and I am a happy woman! lol ;)

    I am glad you had a wonderful Mother's Day!


  2. Marqueta,

    Sounds like you had a pleasant, but busy Mother's Day. It also sounds like you have many flowers to plant in your yard as well.

    Your thrift store finds were great. I really like the "too delicate to use" teacup and saucer set. You don't see patterns like that in the modern stores these days.

    Have a blessed day, Friend. :)

    -L. Rose

  3. What a wonderful Mother's Day! Love that your husband knows you so well, that he knew you'd be delighted with watermelon! Great treasures. Love everything, but especially those pretty bottles. Can't wait to see what you make to put inside. Have a glorious day!

  4. What a lovely day. I received my present early last weekend to be exact. But I still had a wonderful day.

    Love all the treasures. Thrift store hunting is always a treat and always fun when you find that special item. The bottles I envy

    Have a wonderful day.



  5. Oh, Marqueta! What lovely Mother's Day gifts and thrift store treasures! I can't think of a more pleasant way to spend a special day than with flowers and thrifting! Such fun! But the sweetest thing about these Happy Golden Days is how you and your sweet family blessed those dear ones in the nursing home!
    May you be blessed in return!

  6. Wow you found some wonderful new treasures!! Enjoy them and have fun planting your flowers ~Love Heather

  7. Wonderful Mother's day gifts and thrift finds.....sounds like it was a blessed mine was too....blessings

  8. What a day full of treasure!!

    Blessings, Debbie

  9. Now that is my kind of a Blessed day!! :-) I love every thing you brought home!
    Blessings and Love Linnie

  10. Dear Marqueta,

    You found some treasures! And yes you got the kind of gifts I'd want too! LOL. I am glad you are cherished.

    Enjoy planting and harvesting. No flowers of my own on the outside here, but I am having fun furnishing the inside with flowers!

    I loved reading your other recent posts as well. Honeysuckle! I remember the cold infusion from one of the herbal classes I took. It was so good.

    Take care!

  11. I forget that you celebrate Mother's Day in May in USA. Looks like you had a lovely time with your family around you...but then that's what it is all about really isn't it. I love pot marigolds and Mr Fairy has sewn plenty for my flower beds this year. Have a wonderful week in whatever you are doing. Kind regards Devx

    p.s. a letter from Little Fairy is on it's way today.

  12. Aren't thrift stores the greatest for finding little things to beautify the home:-) So happy your MD was lovely. We went to the nursing home too, those folks just love to see the little ones. Of course my 7yod wore a dance recital costume so they all got a hoot out of her...LOL!

  13. Happy belated Mother's day. It looks like it was a very blessed day indeed xoxo Clarice


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