Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Merry May Day (a Few Days Late)

Dear Friends,

Happy, happy May to you! May is such a beautiful month, full of flowers and lots of birthdays (as well as our wedding anniversary). We had a fun little May Day celebration yesterday (it was raining on the actual day, which put a damper on things), with Evangeline as the May Queen. We didn't have a May Pole, so we just danced around the yard with ribbons, which was just as fun (almost)!

We had a ruby-throated fairy folk come for a May Day visit, too. . .


And we discovered yet another robin nest in another wreath out front~ We haven't even put up the "Welcome to Birdsong Cottage" yet!


I finally finished the Jesus dolls that I made for Evangeline, Frankie, and Tasha (to keep bad dreams away), which gave a nice sense of accomplishment (some day I'll actually use a pattern when I make something!)~


I also made a wool rat whom Audrey named "Tevye the Jewish Rat". Tevye decided that he wanted to make some gifts for The Mousekins Family, who live with our friend Linnie of The Butt'ry and Book'ry blog. The Mousekins received their gifts today, and they can be seen here.


Tevye is so popular, we're going to have to make a whole Jewish Rat Family to along with him!

May you have a sunshiney day today!



"The world's favorite season is the spring.
All things seem possible in May."
-  Edwin Way Teale


We've made the girls' blog private, but if you would like an invitation, you can e-mail us of one.


  1. What a lovely day--who needs the May Pole with all those pretty ribbons. That is one cute rat..LOL! I am not sure Tilda Churchmouse would like him though...LOL!

  2. Oh how precious indeed! Your girls look wonderfully happy....

    Thank you for sharing my friend,

    Mrs. M.

  3. Such a sweet post...happy May to all of you...love those Jesus dolls...very good idea....blessings to all...

  4. Evangeline is the perfect May Queen! Love that color!
    Everyone and their ribbons reminds me of my eldest daughter's wedding ~ some children had ribbons on small staffs that they twirled about instead of flowers & flower girls ~ so charming!
    Oh how I wish a robin would make it's nest near us instead of those raucus Starlings!
    We have had a couple hummers visit our feeder, too! They never fail to remember the spot each year!
    The Jesus dolls are precious ~ you don't need a pattern ~ they are perfect the way they are!
    Oh, and the Jewish Rat, Tevye, is a hoot! I had pet rats when I was in high school and my girls had them as pets too! They make the most fascinating pets, they are so smart! Our Fern could spell ~ if we spelled out F-O-O-D she would come out of her cage in hopes of a treat! Do make a whole family ~ they are simply brilliant!
    I didn't know your girls had a blog! How fun for them. ;~P
    Many May Blessings sent your way!

  5. Oh my goodnes, what a busy family you've been. Where do I start? The dolls are a lovely idea and as for the rat..... I love it but can tell you some of my dollies here at Flutterby Patch were a bit unsure as they've heard that rats are partial to nibbling dolly toes! Anyway, I think they'll change their minds when they see a few more and realise what kindly creatures they are. Love your version of the Maypole dance. We used to do the 'real thing' when I was at junior school and sometimes got the ribbons into a terrible knotted muddle. It is fun when it works. Love to you all, Eli x

  6. It looks like a good day was had by all. We hold an annual fete on the village green in the summer and have the local children dance around the maypole. It's pretty to watch and keeps the past alive. Love the rat!! Have a lovely week. Dev x

  7. Dear Mama,

    I love your blog☻!

    I like the pictures, too. it was a fun day! did you see the blogpost I did on the celebrations?


    I hope people like our blog!




  8. I love the idea of the Jesus dolls! My girls will sometimes listen to the Tab. choir to sooth their fears.

    Your Spring is just lovely and it is making me ache for the midwest! I am so envious at all the birds nests and nature you are finding just around your home! Send some our way please!!! lol

    You have such a lovely family Marqueta!


  9. Oh I just LOVE Tevye!
    Owen is pleased to know him ;-)

    What a grand day spent, and the colors just as pretty as can be!!

    Blessings and Love, Linnie

  10. What a lovely way to begin May with Ribbons and New friends ~have a wonderful day Love Heather

  11. Dear Marquetta,
    Oh your May Day celebrations look like so much fun! I never got around to making a May Pole either ~ I should have just danced around my garden!
    Evangeline made a lovely May Queen!
    I love the little rat/mouse!!

  12. I'm sure it wasn't your intention, but I find your Jewish rat family offensive. You are aware that the Nazis depicted Jews as rats in their propaganda? Just curious as to why you picked a rat to depict a Jew when their are so many species of animals in the world.

  13. What a lovely day! Happy May to you as well. We have 3 birthdays in May.

    Such lovely pictures. I am enjoying the weather we are having as well the warm green spring is a welcome for me.

    Much Love


  14. Marquetta,

    Looks like you had a fun time celebrating May Day with your family. Oh, and I saw the lovely gifts that you made for the Mousekin Family at the Butt'ry and Book'ry blog yesterday. They were quite cute! :)

    -L. Rose

  15. Hello Marqueta,
    What a lovely May Day celebration - looks like a marvelous time - how creative to make Jesus dolls to comfort evening fears! The Jewish Rat is the cutest! Thanks for stopping by and your sweet comments on my Peony tablescape. I'd love to have red Peonies! I have the pinks and the whites - I first became aware of them years ago in Ohio - someone had a hedge of white Peonies - enchanted me ever since! I know it must be hard to be far away like that - I have been away from home so to speak since 18 - 30 years ago! God's grace keeps us going - keeps our home life sweet too.

  16. Such wonderful imagination!
    I wish it was a warm May day of Spring here in Australia, so I could dance through the garden flowers too.
    I have to wait a few more months!
    Marqueta, you've made some really lovely things for your friends and family :-)
    I am very curious..why is the handsome rat Jewish??

  17. What a beautiful May queen Evangeline makes!! I remember may day parties when my girls were little, such sweet memories!! LOve the Jesus dolls!! xoxox Clarice

  18. I suppose it would be a dirty trick, but a pilot COULD have a little fun and get on his radio and blurt "MAY DAY!"


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