Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Beautiful Day, and Another Beautiful Gift

 Dear Friends,

A happy day to you! We are praying for all who have been affected by tornadoes and other disasters lately, and are very grateful for the gift we are given each day of safety and peace.

The sun has finally come out, and we are enjoying something that we have not yet experienced yet in Missouri; the sound of wind rushing through the leaves. Our apple tree is blossoming out back, showing promise of future fruit. The dogwoods around town are simply gorgeous now, but we are grateful to have a little apple tree to enjoy (and a peony which is about to bloom!).

We had a wonderful Resurrection Sunday, dressed in our Sunday best~

Our church was going to throw away these tissue paper flowers from a party, and we brought them home and created instant giant "magnolia" blossoms out of them!

We found a mess of mustard garlic and nettles in the woods, and cooked them with mashed potatoes~ Yum!
(Google thinks I look better sideways)

 Frankie and the girls have been creating snaileries all around the house with the snails that are everywhere~

And a pair of robins have decided to set up housekeeping in a wreath hanging on our front stoop!

We were so blessed to be the recipient of a giveaway from The Fairy Glade, out of England. It's not every day we receive a package of Royal Mail!

We love the beautiful post cards and stickers. . .

. . . And a hand-knit bell brooch pin that is so springy and sweet! Thank you, Devina!

Over and over we feel overwhelmed with gratitude for all of our wonderful blog friends that we never would have met if not for the wonders of the internet. We thank all of you for your sweet friendship and support, and we pray for you, too.

May you all be blessed today with peace and joy.




  1. Your daughters look lovely in their Sunday best!


  2. What lovely dresses! We have been picking wild things as well and making yummy things. Of course I have been having so much fun identifying it all.

    I hope you day is lovely

    Love Erika

  3. Oh my goodness...those daughters or yours are growing up so lovely.

    I especially like the Easter bonnets :)

    Thank you for sharing dear one,

    Mrs. M.

  4. What a blessed Easter you had! Although, like you I prefer to call it Resurrection Sunday. You all look so lovely! I love the pinks (one of my fav. colours!)

    Spring certainly has come to your neck of the woods - it is lovely! And how fun you have had so many lovely things appear at your door!

    Happy Spring,

  5. Sounds like a lovely time over at the cottage everyone looked wonderful in their Sunday clothes...I think I found an area nearby with tons of nettles I need to look them up in a book to be sure but my husband Adrian thought that was what we saw :) Have a blessed day Love Heather

  6. Oh Marqueta!
    What BEAUTIFUL GIRLS in Pink!(and you too,with your basket of herbs)
    And the blooms and the "Marjolein Bastin" robin's nest!!and Snailiekin. Such lovely grandness for your Spring ;-)
    How FUN more packages!! There just isn't anything better than Hand Made!! Which reminds me to say wonderful tissue magnolias!!
    Great post dear friend,Blessings and Hugs and Love, Linnie

  7. Marqueta,

    I'm glad that you kept those paper flowers that your church was going to throw away. They sure look lovely in your new home.

    Your daughters looks beautiful in their Easter dresses!

    It's also been quite awhile since I have received any packages from another country. I always like to look at their stamps, as they are quite unique. :)

    Blessings to you and your family,

    -L. Rose

  8. Don't the girls look darling! What a great idea to transform the paper flowers, we are hoping to make some for our May Day baskets.

  9. I love the photo of the robin's nest. It's beautiful. Everyone is beautiful too!

  10. Marqueta, you and your girls look so pretty!! It's a joy to see lovely dresses and hats on young girls :-)
    Your days sound delightful..always such a pleasure to read about!
    God bless you..Trish

  11. Beautiful have some sweet young ladies so pretty...blessings

  12. yes, prayers for those so sadly been devastated by the tornadoes.

    The Easter picture of your children is soooo very cute!

    It's so neat how you can identify wild plant, herb, veggie and bring it home to add fresh to your meals :o)

    The robin eggs, I've never seen any myself (except for in picture). I hope you might be able to keep up photos so we can see the newborn birdies too. By the way, you still look great even if google places you sideways!

    wishing you a beautiful weekend, Deanna

  13. That is one great picture of your daughters!

  14. It all looks so perfectly spring-like in your area Marqueta, I'm so pleased you have moved to somewhere so pretty and full of inspiration. I love your 'Sunday Best' clothes, you make the perfect picture'. Eli x

  15. Oh the girls look soo sweet and what a wonderful wild craft find!! Lots of blesisngs happening at your home xoxo Clarice

  16. The white tissue paper flowers are really lovely, they look so much like white iris.
    About my 800 IRIS, I was the fortunate recipient of these rhizomes a few years back when my friend was selling the property of her deceased mother,( who was a huge gardener)She was worried that any buyer would just tear out the gardens and she offered everything to me. It took me 3 days to dig it all up and transport it home. Well worth the work, and the flowers live on!

  17. Your children are so engaging and sweet looking. Love the idea for the paper flowers you got--a great way to get craft materials is to offer to help clean up after events--most of the time the stuff just gets junked otherwise.

    I think you look beautiful, my dear, whether sideways or straight up! Either way, your smile lights up the screen!

    Much love,

  18. Miss Moussie would like to all look lovely in pink...its her favorite color!!
    Big hug from all the Hilltop inhabitants...stay warm and stay happy...blessings T.D and Company.

  19. So natural.....

    Let us promote nature friendly activities.......
    thanks for you and your blog


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