Friday, April 15, 2011

Celebrating my Birthday at Home

Dear Friends,

Good morning to all of you! We're getting lots of rain here in Kansas City, which is such a blessing for the garden we put in. I'm so thankful that we're getting rain instead of snow, which is usually what I got for my birthday in Idaho! :)

Audrey made us a lovely birthday pudding with strawberries, tapioca, and kefir (she cooked the tapioca by itself, then added the kefir to keep the bacteria alive.).

Mr. Graham surprised me with a beautiful lily and rose bouquet that smells heavenly!

We're spending today at home, playing with the chickens and hanging up the suet, thistle seeds, and hummingbird feeders that I bought myself with my birthday. I also bought a big old china cupboard to use as an art cupboard, which I will share with you after we get it fixed up and painted nice.

Some chickens are more photogenic than others!

Frankie says he's going to write a book for me when he's bigger. It will be about Jesus and be called "I Know I'm Superman!" :)
Each day this week, we have noticed something new growing and blooming. The lilacs, apples, and dogwoods are out now, and it is dangerous for me to drive while ogling everything!
The poke in our yard is finally coming up~

 And the grapevines on the fence are leafing out, too~

Our front yard is covered with violets and dandelions (which we have been picking and making muffins out of). In Southeast Idaho, violets are very rare and we never picked any that we saw. Now I'm weeding them out of my lettuce; who would have thought?

We found this heart in our front yard, too~ Love is everywhere you find it!

A birthday is a wonderful time for reflecting on one's life purpose, and for writing down ideas and goals for achieving that purpose. This year I am going to focus on beginning to write down all the books, songs, poems, stories, etc. that have been floating around in my head forever, and start publishing them for real. :) I feel very blessed to be given another year of life on this beautiful earth, and am so grateful to be sharing it with my sweet family, and you!

May you have a wonderful day.

Blessings and love to all,



  1. A very Happy Birthday to you!


  2. Many happy returns 'birthday girl'. You are indeed truly blessed with the sweetest of families living in a gorgeously green and fertile land. May your birthday continue to fill your day with smiles Marqueta. Eli x PS. (Love the heart you discovered..... definitely left by the fairies!!)

  3. Happy Birthday dear friend! I am so glad you had a lovely day! What a beautiful world indeed - and you always seem to find such joy and beauty in everything around you! Thank you for spreading the happiness and Spring-time our way! It has been snowy and cold here the last few days (the sun is FINALLY shining today!). Blessings to you and P.S. The Superman book is a great idea! lol So cute!


  4. Feliz Cumpleanos mi Querida Amiga!


    con mucho carino,

    Mrs. M.

  5. Happy birthday, what a blessed day you are having with your sweet family. The best gift of all xoxox Clarice

  6. Happy Birthday! May God bless you with many more! Sounds like you had a lovely day.

  7. ¸. •*❉♪✿'☆•**☆¸. •Happy birthday, happy, happy birthday! This is your day to have a lot of fun, so blow out the candles on your cake and make a wish. Serve everybody's favorite dish. (Favorite Dish!) J
    Oh, happy birthday, happy, happy birthday! This is your day, so happy birthday to you!J ¸. •*❉♪✿'☆•**☆¸. •

    ~I love you mama.

  8. A truly beautiful birthday to you Marqueta!

  9. Happy Birthday!

    You sound like you had a lovely birthday and those are beautiful flowers.

    Love Erika

  10. Happy Sweet Birthday to the Momma @ Birdsong Cottage!!

    I just know that one day Frankie's book is going to be the best in world... if it's not just for Momma, but is published and on the bookstore's shelf; I'll buy it! {{how cute!}}

    Oh the heart shaped-tree stump; what a birthday gift from the Lord's beatiful outdoors- right in your front yard too!

    Blessings & Love, Deanna

  11. Dear Marqueta,
    Happy Birthdya to you.
    What a beautiful day you seem to have ahd.
    I love violets, they are so sweet and gentle to me.
    Enjoy your journey into Spring
    Blessings dear friend

  12. Happy Birthday, Marqueta. You are an inspiration!

  13. Happy birthday, my dear blogging friend! Hope it was filled with everything sweet and true, just like you!

  14. HEY! It WAS your birthday yesterday! And I missed it but one hour and five minutes! (It's 1:05AM not ;(). Sister, I love you! Can you pray for me, though? Remember that story about the boy who got all strangled up by that octopus - i.e. his bad habits?...

    Well, that's me! :(. I mean, I know I ought to be all grown up by now, but I cannot seem to get to bed at night, and it leaves me all tired, exhausted, and depressed at times.

    My prayer is (and I ask you would pray it, too), is for God to please lift me up out of the horrible pit of not being able to get to bed early. Sometimes it is just standing there and watching my brother's fool television until the wee hours of the night. Other times, like now, it is staying up too late on the jolly computer!

    Not that it's all bad, by any means! After all, I just discovered it had been your birthday, so now I am really going to tell you that I love you! Ready?


  15. A very Happy Birthday to you my friend ~I hope you are enjoying a sunshine filled weekend ~Beautiful pictures love the tree heart...I think God puts those little reminders there on purpose don't you? ~Love Heather

  16. Happy Birthday! You are quite blessed - so glad your garden is coming along - I too get distracted when I see something along side the road,
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend,

  17. Oh Happy Birthday to you!!! Sounds like a wonderful day...

  18. Dear Marqueta,

    Happy Birthday, dear! I am sorry to be so slow! Life here is busy, as you know! I cannot wait to see the art cupboard! And the art!

    Thanks for the book review. Wrenn Bay is on my list of things to read as well! And I'm sorry about the water leak. I hope that's under control!


  19. Dear Marqueta,

    We know you had a delightful birthday! What a pretty bouquet your husband gave you! We love those lilies, they do smell heavenly!

    Your friends,
    Diane and daughter Sarah at the Corgyncombe Courant


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