Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Joys...

 Dear friends,

We hope that you had a safe, happy Christmas, and that you are getting back to "normal" now. The weeks leading up to Christmas are so busy, it seems to take a few days after the day to let the magic sink in!

We performed at nursing homes as a family and also as  part of a homeschool co-op  (see me peeking above the piano?).

The children put on their ninth annual homegrown "Nutcracker Ballet." This time they thought they would do something different and use the big band version for their music. They performed for Grandma and Grandpa Graham, and a wonderful time was had by all.

Tasha, Frankie, and Evangeline took advantage of the snow fall and made a few snowmen,
which are miraculously hanging in there, although they look a little smaller each day:


On Christmas Eve after acting out the Nativity story, we bundled up and headed outside for our Tasha Tudor-style trip to see our own enchanted creche in the woods. It is amazing how much we truly feel like we are going to see the baby Jesus when we carry lights and sing Christmas hymns along the way!

Christmas morning brought a few presents, both homemade and store bought; little Rebecca of course thought that every present was "MINE!"

Mr. Graham and the two oldest girls sang "I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day" for church's Christmas program, and Mr. Graham read "A Christmas Carol" to us over a few nights. The simple things truly are the best and most memorable, don't you agree?

 We thank you for all of the joy that our friends give to us, through your blogs and letters. May the Lord continue to keep you and yours the remainder of the holiday season.  As Tiny Tim would say, "God bless us, everyone one!"





  1. Yes Marqueta I do agree...the simple things are the best indeed....blessings

  2. What a wonderful time you and your family had Marqueta! :) May Our Lord's joy be with you always...mb

  3. This Christmas was truly beautiful and full of joy, wasn't it? And this post captures all of the fun that we had, dear mama ♥. I love you so very much!

    Love, Audrey

  4. What a beautiful post, dear friend! And how wonderful it was to see your sweet comment, as your visit at the cottage came to a close;)
    I feel the very same way...the season was so very busy, so I am doing quite a bit of knitting in front of the cozy fire...trying desperately to finish the tasha tudor cottage shawl for my dear mother (which I had intended to finish and give to her last Christmas!)
    May you and your beautiful children have a blessed remainder of this Christmastide,

  5. Lovely post! I'm glad you all had a simple and beautiful time, dear Marqueta ~ it certainly seems so.

    We, too, loved seeing our offspring (of 25 and 27!)opening their gifts and spending time together No one is too old for a Christmas stocking!
    Happy New Year to you, when it comes,
    xxx Alex

  6. I love that you ministered to the nursing home--they are 'oft forgotten at this time or year. We usually do , but with so many of us sick we are visiting this coming weekend:-) A blessed New Year to you and yours and thank you for your gift of friendship throughout the past year!

  7. I enjoyed this post Marqueta. it is nice to see the family pictures.

    Happy New Year

    Lesley x

  8. I am so glad you had such a wonderful holiday! Your girls are just growing up too fast! They are so pretty!!

    I pray you had a lovely Christmas - and Happy New Year!

    Love from Utah!

  9. Dear Marqueta,

    You truly have a beautiful family. Your girls are all lovely and are learning to be quite the ladies! And Frankie is turning into a young gentleman! I am glad you had a good Christmas! Love you!


  10. You have the most magical life! I love reading how you spent Christmas.

    Have a wonderful new year, dear one!


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